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My Virtual Photo Album

Welcome to my photo album, full of pix i have found on the net or have taken in my spare time! enjoy them and let me know what you think! don't worry, there is plenty more to come!! amongst the many things i will have on the Page, i shall be having more links to pics of allsorts, including, villians ( on the next page after this!) and magick pics of things that are mostly forgotten about, Witches and Warlock and Wizards. Look out for all this coming in the next few days also i have decided to have a movie links page and a movie write-up, with analysis and photos from the movie and sound waves! this will take a while but shall be worth all the blood sweat and tears, and the ritualistic banging the computer because it won't see it your way!!! anyway enjoy whats here and keep looking for more stuff to crop up!

Star Wars, maul lives!!

this is the coolest baddie that has ever embraced the star wars legacy and has only 9 minutes on screen in total. of course, all of us remember that amazing lightsabre fight in episode 1, that took our breaths awayand made us all see maul in the athletic light. needless to say. a lot of us out there swooned at the sight of him!! Ray in real life is working himslef to the bone in a string on new movies to be released before christmas, one of which will be X-men. Unfortunatly, with Ray being so elusive from our cameras, I can't say whether he is seeing someone or not!!(we all hope not! we want to have a chance!) and he is mostly on the net in his make up as darth maul, which is great but makes it mors difficult to see him! anyway, I shall keep you all posted!! as always

david, mmmm looking so tempting

This is one of the most dreamy men of the 90's, he is so sexy and plays his part in the x files with a sauve eligance that no other man could. he is adored by millions and wanted by more, unfortunately, he is no longer available to the likes of us! but don't cry out yet!!! he is starting another season of the x files soon and it should hit the european shores around febuary next year. and he has fecently become a daddy with his baby girls arrival earlier on this year.Congrtatulations to David and Te on their baby girl!!

The Phantom In Costume at the Masquerade Ball

This is a picture of the Phantom as he appears at the Masquerade to surprise the patrons to present his New Opera, Don Juan Triumphant. He Threatens his beautiful Diva Christine Daa, and tears her wedding Ring from her Throat as he Proclaims "Your Chains are still mine, you will sing for me!" as it is obvious to all in the theatre, this is the real phantom but as the stage explodes, the phantom's double, to confuse the crowd,runs down the staircase screaming ludicrously that he is still in control of the stage and the theatre! I have many more pictures and insights on Phantom throughout the web page and the links shall be posted on the main page!