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Michael Beihn - My God!

he is so unappriciated for his acting ability and his good looks, so i decided that enough was enough and that i was going to dedicate my few page to him and his work! being in a lot of underground work does not make you really famous, but at least we can find out what exactly he is doing, thanks to the Michael Beihn Web Ring, i have been able to do just that! so thank you for all your hard work and great sites! anyway, here he is in all his glory, so relax and enjoy the nexxt few pages and my hit list of movies that he is too yummy to miss in!!!

Michael as you have (probably) never seen him before!

do you recognise this babe in any of the pix here?? I bet you don't but keep watching, because like a fine wine or a good writer, they can only ge better with age and stubble....

Probably My Favourite pic

here he is in one of my fave movie "the terminator" where Michael goes back through time to save Sarah connor from being killed and then falls in love with her, and being the father of the child who saves mankind against the war against the machines! wow, what a job! anyway, i have done a survey about michael and most of the women i have asked ( 18-25 yrs.old) said he was gorgeous looking and is well underappriciated as an actor and as a man! well i certainly share that opinion! so anyway, i am going to dedicate the next few pages to him on the site for all those women who feel that Michael does not get enough of the limelight! enjoy drooling with me!

Michael looking deep and contemplative

Here, on a dark Planet with Loads of acid bleeding Aliens for him to fight, Michael takes a moment to look pensive and extremely sexy! lucky us! although the pic is in black and white, we can still see gis dark eyes and seductive mouth, and yay for us because he is still looking rugged and ready for more action, i don't know about you but i love the rough and ready look, the un-shaven look is just yummy!