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The Bookworm's Burrow

hey all, welcome to the Bookworm's Burrow. this is a page for all those people who love to read and love to let their imaginations go nuts! below you shall see a list of a few books that I have read and they are graded according to their quality of writing, plot, characterisation and fluidity(continuation of the story). 10/10 meaning a must buy and 0/10 meaning a a useful scrap to light a fire with! the book list will expand over time but in the mean time, I have a list of 12 or do books that you might find interesting! here are the gradings! 10/10= Excellent story,depth,wonderful writing skill and constantly changing 9/10= Imaginative story, characters and plot 8/10= Interesting views and writing but can be a bit dragged out 7/10=Good story but can be tedious and drawn out with subplots 6/10= and enjoyable light read but no great meaning behind it all 5/10= an adverage read at best, but it is a bland read 4/10=not worth buying, just library lending 3/10=you'll be kicking yourself for being sucked in by false promotion 2/10= I wonder why it got published, and how the author sleeps at night 1/10= ENOUGH SAID! 0/10= Good firewood, don't buy it for the content, just for the blaze!

My Personal Favourites

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