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Alanis Morisette page

hey there and thanx for coming! here i am starting a page dedicated to one of my fave singers of the last few years and am hopefully going to spur on an interest in her that you may already have! Here, i have Alanis Morissette pictures, found in archives and fan clubs which are 100% dedicated to her in every which way possible. check out some more links about alanis that i shall have on this alanis page really soon and tour dates as soon as they are announced in Europe, if though, you want any other dates or just want to find out more about her, go to and you will find tour pix, dates, merchindise,Alanis' own words and much more. in the mean time i hope this will suffice your appitite!

Alanis On Stage

here she is live on stage at one of the many festivals that she has performed at in the last 3 years! she was so good on stage that the féile festival in Dublin was sold out in an hour just because she was headlining it! She has since then, sold out two shows in the Point Depot in Dublin and got such an amazing response from the crowd that she cried on stage! WOW! I was at both of the shows in Dublin and I have to say that it was one of the best gigs i was ever at in my whole life, she puts her heart and soul into every performance and it really shows.go and find out for yourself!

Alanis at the Grammys!

She sang, She won, She awed,stunned and made critics swallow their bitter words of hateful criticism, and then she walked away with best album and best female performer. so what can you say after all that? She sang her now famed piece "Your House" acappella to a crowd of renouned artists and journalists who were flabberghasted by her clear and naked voice filling the arena to raw emotional levels. She made Every fan proud, and made her true talents show. in this picture, singing "Your House", you can see the emotion in her face and the clarity of her vision to sing her best (and to prove all her judges wrong). If i come across this recording on the net i shall post the address, but in the mean time, you'll have to look at your videos or watch MTV endlessly to find her work! I also strongly recommend her second album "Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie" which is just amazing! go listen and be inspired!!!

Alanis doing her thing at the MTV awards!

So now that you feel like you know Alanis well after reading this very brief analogy of her work on this itsy-bitsy-teeny-weeny page, you can get to know her stuff on the labums and what she has done exactly in the last few years! She was a pop star in Canada and then decided that being "poppy" was not her thing. she went away and finished her education and came back to morph her ideas into a generation defining album!(she probably didn't think it would be THAT big, but it was!) then she cleaned up at a ton of award shows including the MTV AWARDS( pic on your left). She went on to take a well deserved break in India where she got extremely sick and wrote about it in one of her songs as a life changing experience. "THANK U" was about those experiences. "thank u India, thank u terror, thank u disillusionment, thank u frailty, thank u consequence, thank u, thank u silence" I'll have more of her lyrics and their meanings up on the page really soon! "lyrics.doc"