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AIRWOLF- The Greatest 80's show Ever!

It is my belief that Airwolf was one of the greatest 80's shows of all time, with its brilliant helicopter sequences and cool cast. although the series did seem to become a little dodgy with the adding of silly characters, the original characters, Archangel, Stringfellow Hawke and Dominic Santini, who were central to the plot and the look of the show were the best and the most interesting and let the show live on as it should have!. Anyway, i have gotten some of the pics for this page from the Airwolf homepage and some of the fans pages too. thank you to all those people for running the pages and for keeping the series very much alive on the net.

Stringfellow Hawke

Here he is in all his glory, with his helmet on, just the way most of the fans liked it, it was dark and mysterious and very very sexy and inticing! Anyway, Jan Michael Vincent ( Hawke) was the highest paid actor in a TV series ever at the time that Airwolf was made (1985). he was paid $250,000 per week, all for looking that sexy in the chopper for us!WOW!!!!!! anyway, enjoy this and wait, because there is more to come!

Airwolf- the meanest helicopter in the universe!

This is officially the most loved and best remembered Chopper in television history, and there is no doubt why! It is the sleekest, sexiest, fastest and darkest chopper ever featured on Television and furthermore, it was the main attraction of the show ( as well as the cast!)

Here are the two main stars of the show and this is one of my fave pics because it is one of the few pics where hawke looks really yummy in his flight suit and serious at the same time! anyway, look out for more airwolf pages coming soon and keep watching it on ITV for all of you from the UK and Ireland, it is on at 2.45 A.M each friday, tune in with me! :)