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The Shippiest X files Page Ever!

here i have a little page on Mulder and Scully and how we want them to egt together (ie the term used for wanting them to be together is "shipper", don't ask where it comes from cause i do not know!) anyway, i have collected some pics and this fab wave that you can listen to over and over and dream of them being together. Enjoy and hope you love this as much as i do, or it will drive you nuts!lol (it is not intended!)

This is the moment that should have been!

It is so weird that they cut this brilliant scene from the final version of X files the movie : fight the future! I think it is one of the sweetest pics i have ever seen of them together! anyway, please tell me what you think of these pics and sounds etc. and if you have any pics or sounds like these, will you please sed them to me at my email address at the end of index page! thank you so much and keep the shipper dream alive!! (oh if only the'd kiss for real in the show!)

Ahhhh, they look so good together!

I personally love these publicity shots because it shows the potential heat between mulder and scully, both on and off screen (what we don't see them do!) Anyway, if you feel that they deserve to be together, will you please voice your opinions and email me with anything you feel is missing or should be on this page to make it more "Shippy"! keep your fingers crossed!

ohhh more kissing!! (YAY)

Looks to me as if they like doing that!! oh if only we'd see them do it on screen all the time though instead of just pics on the net! anyways, i came across this pic thanks to my friend Anna who gave it to me ages ago but i literally for got about it! anyway, keep those fingers crossed for the last ep when they confess their true love for each other ( i am anyway!)