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The Ray Park Shrine

Welcome to the Ray Park Shrine! Here we will have all the lastest info on Ray and what he's up to and some yummy pix for you to look at and keep!Firstly, i think it is only right that i thank the peeps at for the wonderful job they are doing keeping the fans informed and bringing us great pix of him. Now on with the fun parts!!! Now Exculsivly on this page you can hear Ray's voice!! yes for all the people who wondered what he really sounded like, that's him speaking there just for you lot!now we all know that his sexy voice is perfect for that sexy form!

Ray in rehersals for Phantom menace with one of the many lightsabres used.

Here we have a gorgeous pic of ray in the middle of rehersals with one of the many lightsabres used in the movie Phantom Menace. Apparently, they broke and dented so many lightsabres in the fight sequences that tons of spares were lined up each day to make sure the actors didn't run out of any.i always knew thats why they looked so intense at that moment in the fight scene,and it wasn't all acting either!

Ray as toad in the New X-men movie!

When i first saw X men at the cinema, i admittedly went to see Ray and his tongue (14 foot in the movie) but was so surpired at how amazing the movie really was. It had everything, really good goodies and amazingly yummy baddies (Ray and Sir Ian Mckellen) so obviously we have been to see it numurous times just for our fave lines etc. between ra's lines in his own speaking voice and his physicality and darting tongue, we were all so pleased with Ray's outing as the Toad. Rollon X men 2!!! ("toad's revenge" is our suggestion as a working title!)

Ray working out...and looking intense...

Is it just me or does this guy have the most delictable body in the world?? Anyway, for anyone who has seen pix of ray recently, he has the gorgeous caramel tan, so he looks altogether yummier than ever...No news of Ray recently, except that it was his 26th birthday on the 23/08/00 and my mates and i wish him the best for his big day!