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The Phantom (Angel of Music)

Running sice 1987 in London's Her Majesty's theatre to a sold out audience nearly ever night, Phantom has had a colourful history there. Famously, This Theatre debúted Phantom, with Michael Crawford and Sarah Brightman in their principal Parts.

Phantom: past the point of no return, no turning back now!for either way you choose you cannot win! so do you end your days with me or do you send him to his grave! Raoul: for either way you choose he has to win. Why make her lie to you to save me? Christine: angel of music, why this torture, I've watched illusions shatter.angel of music you decieved me! Phantom : Make your choice! Christine: Pitiful creature of Darkness, what kind of Life have you known? God give me Courage to show you, you are not alone! ( kiss)

here it is, the world famous mask that has sold a million t-shirts, keyrings and programs. this is the emblem on all the merchindise of the lloyd webber version of Phantom! if you are a fan of the show, you must have this somewhere in your room or on anything you have bought of phantom. the design is so simple and symbolises so much.