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Welcome to the world of Folklore and Legends. Here i am going to show you pictures of witches and warlocks, cherubs and Faeries(fairies) These pictures were found on the net and more pictures will feature on the site as soon I get them up and running! in the mean time enjoy all this and when i get the time I shall be researching the meanings and the causes of the beliefs in the faeries and the witch beliefs. hope you enjoy the page and let me know if there is anything missing or that should be added, my email address is on the main page!

Cherubs at Play

These joyous little cherubs are here at play. They are supposedly there to help us find our true loves in this world, these baby angels are our guides to our inner-children, and are playful, like cupid when it come to love!

Faeries (small folk)

These Helpful little characters live at the bottom of our gardens and are responible for our mysteries that we can't explain ourselves. where did I put my ring? where are those keys gone? where is my old tooth gone? Chances are the Faery took it and she misplaced things along her way!! Faeries are known to hide things on us big folk and take our teeth from us when we lose one, in return they leave a gift for us under our pillows if we have been good to them. If we have disrespected the Kingdom of the Faeries, they shall come into our home and move important objects as to cause us chaos, as we have supposedly done to them! Often beautiful and innocent, faeries are harmless creatures who protect themselves by means of nature, they live where most human will not venture, and that makes them safe and elusive.

Merlin's Excaliber

here is the sword of wisdom and truth, Excaliber. This sword was given to Merlin by the LAdy of the Lake to find a Leader for Camelot who would bring peace and justice to the city and make all wrongs right. this is a little image i picked up on my journeys through the web and i thought it was a symbol of the sword being given to Merlin by the Lady of the Lake and then her claiming it from Merlin when Arthur failed as a king of Camelot. This is a great image and i hope you agree with me on this!