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Dracula pages..... What a wonderful book and movie, (especially Gary Oldman)

For those of you who are familiar with the writings of Bram Stoker, you would have no doubt encountered his imfamous novel "Dracula". And for those of you who know of the count through the 200 or so motion pictures featuring him, i have decided that i should dedicate a page to the Great Count and his legacy. Here i have featured pictures of Dracula in the form of the beautiful and seductive Gary Oldman who portrayed Dracula in the 1992 film by Francis Ford Coppolla which also featured Winona ryder as Mina Murray ( Ryder was amazing as Mina in this movie). Anyway, here are a few pictures which bring together the moods of Dracula. Bloody, Horrific and often Erotic too ( look at the picture of Gary and Winona drinking his blood) Look at the movie and you shall see these strands quite clearly.

Prince Dracula and Mina Murray

The relationship between the two principal characters is often passionate and visually stunning in the movie but they don't get together much in the movie as it is mostly made up with voice overs from Van Heisling and the Lucy subplot. Anyway, for a quick reference to a visually beautiful moment in the movie, check out the moment when Dracula and Mina dance among 100's of lit candles and when she wakes up to find him in her bed, both scenes are brilliant and give you the feeling of love lost and found.

Dracula Symbol for the Movie

Here is the imfamous emblem that sent a thousand people flocking to the Movies again to re-visit the Count. In Coppolla's movie, we see both young and old Dracula and his undying love for his long lost wife buried deep within him, it haunts him still. The movie, although acted very well by most of the cast ( i do apologise to any Keanu fans but he was atrocious, plain and simple) was very bloody in parts, and oldman was very intense for most of the movie, we could taste his pain ( sorry for the pun there)

The Final kiss of the Vampire ( the ultimate passionate moment)

This is one of their most passionate embraces but unfortunately for the picture, it is taken slightly out of context! the scene is made up of Gary Oldman ( Dracula) and Winona ( Mina) who declare their love for each other and when she begs him to "take her away from all this death" he bites her and cuts himself, asking her to drink his blood so she too can be immortal. A truly beautiful scene as Dracula finds himself in tears at the potential loss of Mina's soul. A scene so passionate that it breaks your heart,but leaves you wanting to have that passion. Remarkable.