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of all the fishes in the sea

there's no one quite like me

but you left me broken like a starfish

and i wonder when you'll regret it

- Sarah K. Stefanson


what's new....

31/05/09 Sarah doesn't play much music these days, focussing her creativity on articles and columns instead. Her debut album, broken like a starfish, is now on sale for the very reasonable price of $5 (buy more than one and the price drops to $4 per CD). Please send an email to if you wish to have one (or several) before they are all gone! They make great birthday, anniversary, Christmas, Mother's/Father's Day, convocation, graduation or just because presents!

26/1/06 Sarah is getting her musical feet wet again with a few gigs in the upcoming month.

31/12/05 WHO AM I? at the end of the year... Sarah. Sister. Daughter. Granddaughter. Cousin. Niece. Girlfriend. Lover. Friend. Friend With Benefits. Employee. Writer. Musician. Singer. Recovering Codependent. Polyamorist. Educator. Model. Bookkeeper. Sexuality Enthusiast. Pop Culture Fanatic. Film Geek. Speaker. Feeler. Thinker. Icelander. Ukrainian. Stefanson.

23/12/05 I've been putting this off because I feared the acknowledgement, but I must say now that I'm happier than I've ever been. That's the truth.

04/10/05 The smartest things I've heard this week: "If you're going to be a dog, at least be a good dog. Sit. Beg. Stay." and "I'm getting over getting over you. I'm through just getting through."

12/20/04 I suppose this can only help me grow right? Yeah, that's what I feel I'm doing...growing. By the time you get back, I'll be 50 feet tall.

11/12/04 i love it when it gets far enough into december that you can say, "i'll see you next year!" and it's only a matter of weeks or days until that is true. new year's eve has never really meant much to me (in fact, this year i'll be working at my video store when the clock strikes midnight) but i like a new year. happy holidays everyone. --sarah

28/11/04 sarah has been writing -- a book, a novel, a screenplay, a picture book for adults and at least one line of a song. this is making her think an awful lot about past and present lovers so she is beginning to feel much like the artist she once purported to be.

26/10/04 yesterday, sarah met one of her greatest musical inspirations, billy corgan, at his poetry book signing and reading in seattle. she was too excited to speak, but hopes she got her point across nonetheless.

27/05/04 Sarah and Shaughn's Wedding

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