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"Good things come to those who wait."---Greldum Drobe, captain of the White Rhino's military corps, addressing his young apprentice.

King Varulus III Monument

This huge monument in the likeness of a young King Varulus III is over 2000 feet tall. The monument is carved from solid stone and took almost twenty years to complete. Varulusí son, Neden, paid the best sculptures in Barsaive to create this marvel. The monument was created in remembrance of Varulusí great deeds as a king. Truly a marvel to see, the monument is situated north of Throal where the Serpent River enters the Throal Mountain valley system. The monument can be seen from miles and miles away.

During the creation of the King Varulus III Monument, there was an attempt to destroy the production of the project. An airship equipped with numerous fire cannons opened fire on the monument in an attempt to destroy piece of art and discourage the workers from continuing their sculpting. The perpetrators escaped from the Throal Navy. All the evidence points at Theraís involvement but Thera has denied any involvement.

Many people have criticized Neden for spending such an enormous amount of money on such an undertaking. They feel that with Barsaive and Thera relations being so fragile with the possibility of war on the horizon that Neden should focus the capital used to make the monument on soldiers and creating armour and weapons. Others have praised Neden for making such a grand gesture to his father. However, no one in Throal disputes that Varulus III was a great king.

About two days walk west of the monument a small city has formed. This city, named Varulusí glory, was formed in a direct result of the building of the statues. The city strives on tourism and many tour guides have opened up. People visiting the area can take tours by foot, by boat, or even by airship. All tours are of the highest quality and it is recommended that one participates in at least one of the tours offered.

With all of the criticism that Neden has been getting, he has laid off the production of a duplicate monument on the east side of the Throal Mountains. This has probably been a good move by the young man, for he has large boots to fill in place of his father. After the completion of the monument, special magicís were cast on the stone to prevent erosion and other attempts that people may decide to make to deface the monument.

Below is a picture of the monument. The first is a picture of it being made and the second is what the monument looks like in completion.