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This site is specifically geared to individuals who are academically inclined although at the same time it makes room for those with the proclivity for interactive games,free lotteries and fun stuff. It offers information in the field of Psychology which can be very useful not only to scholars but also to the average person and household. There are materials that can be imbibed online free of cost related to family therapy,manic depressive disorder,cognitive psychology and on the natural sciences, inter alia.There are activities that lend themselves to sharpening the math skills of children of various ages.It allows the opportunity to apply for jobs in the public and private sectors online in Canada and the U.S.A. as well as apply to universities for professional and undergraduate studies.You may read romance novels online,find out on which day you were born and even find a date. There are also puzzles,free weekly lotteries where players may win up to one hundred thousand dollars($100,000.00) per week.You can, by the click of your mouse on this page, find out which movie is being shown anywhere in North America. But even more interestingly, you may even order your tickets online.

This medium is also useful for promoting and enhancing communications between families and friends.It grants its visitors the opportunity to send and receive personalized, electronic greetings of all kinds easily and readily.It allows you to send and receive faxes internationally free of cost.

Finally it allows you the opportunity to assist in the eradication of child abuse. There is an opportunity to view missing children and report any abuse that you may be aware of. So friends,just scroll down the page for your unique interests.I have now included a currency converter. This will allow you to convert from any chosen currency to any other currency. It is updated once per minute. There is certainly something here to please everyone. Have fun and thanks for your visit as I await your comments via e-mail or the guestbook.By the way,scroll to the end of the page for important links and my poems,essays and short story or you may just type in key words in the WhatuSeek Intrasearch Engine below. Thanks.


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Cognitive Psychology

Manic Depressive Disorder

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Family Therapy Resources Online

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Hamilton,Mark; Wallace,Frank R. (2001)Neo-Tech. . Integrated Management Associates 850 S. Boulder Highway, Henderson, Nevada 89015, U.S.A.

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