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About Ann Vole

To start with, there are two people here. Ann Vole is a fictional animated character who has her own personality. Behind this puppet is a human who wishes to have the same personality as Ann Vole and believes the same things as she does. Another difference between Ann Vole and the human behind her is the human has a lot more interests then a vole's mind could comprehend.

Ann is anatomically a vole. Voles are mouse sized rodents who have smaller ears and eyes, shorter tail and legs, and longer body then a mouse. Because she is a puppet for me, she is anthropomophesized, that is drawn to be more human like. She walks upright, talks, and does anything a human can do within the limitation of being mouse sized.

Ann Vole is a spokes-person and lobbyist for the rodent family. All my activities must meet her approval before she will let me do them on this, her site. As the world is waking up to the reality of the great losses to the animal world's diversity of species, little attention is paid to the many rodents who are now extinct and the incredible number of rodents who are endangered - many of whom are not even known about by humans yet.