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Mike Bordick Pictures

It was great watching Bordick play on a winning team this year, although his postseason hitting was terrible! I wonder if the O's will resign him...

Here's the Pac-Man
Bordie Colliding at Home Plate
Congratulating Brady
Diving For the Ball
Evaded Trying to Tag a Guy Out
Fielding a Grounder
Handling the Ball With Gold-Glove Style
High Above the Ground
Twisting to Stay on Base
Collecting the Winning RBI
Swinging for the Fences
Colliding with Robbie
Bending Over Backwards to Make a Catch
With Robbie at Second Base
Diving for a Ball Again
Turning a Double Play
Diving In Vain - NEW!
Striking Out - NEW!
Getting High-Fives as a Met - NEW!
Throwing the Ball as a Met - NEW!
Scoring a Run - NEW!
At a Press Conference - NEW!