Best Paint:

Ron M. - Pasco

1990 Mazda B2200

Best Interior:

Leonardo A. - Kennewick

1972 Chevy Nova

*G-Force Muscle Car Club*

Most Miles (Highest Odometer):

Marissa B. - Prosser

569,711 Miles

1977 Ford High Boy

Oldest Ride:

Lyndon R. - Yakima

1925 Model-T Touring

Furthest Traveled (Lives the Farthest Away):

Travis W. - Marysville

231 Miles, One Way

2007 Infiniti G35 Sedan

*PNW_INC Car Club*

Favorite Import:

Jaime M. - Prosser

2005 Nissan Infiniti 350GT Skyline

*H-FAM Car Club*

Favorite Modern:

Steve S. - Yakima

2010 Dodge Challenger

*Iron Angels Car Club*

Favorite Muscle Car:

Dan B. - Kennewick

1963 Chevy Corvette

Favorite Classic:

Kent B. - West Richland

1936 Chevy Coupe

Favorite Truck:

Darrell W. - Sunnyside

1953 Chevy Pickup

*Sundowners Car Club*

Favorite 4x4:

Rick S. - Ione, OR

1953 3100 Pickup 4x4

Favorite Ford:

Chris R. - Yakima

1932 Ford 5-Window Coupe

Favorite Chevy:

Roy G. - Kennewick

1969 Chevy Chevelle

Favorite Mopar:

David H. - Pasco

1970 Dodge Charger 500

Favorite Convertible:

Tracy F. - Pasco

2013 Chevy Camaro RS/SS

Favorite Custom:

Steve P. - Yakima

1929 Ford 2-Door

Favorite Low Rider:

Jason H. - Pasco

1965 Chevy Impala

Favorite "Git-R-Done":

Richard B. - Grandview

1940 Chevy Master Deluxe

Favorite Motorcycle:

John S. - Mabton

2005 Notorious 918 Big Daddy

Favorite Bicycle:

Casper R. - Yakima

Favorite Pedal Car:

Malachi C. - Sunnyside

Best Adult Vehicle:

Janette G. - Selah

1959 Chevy Impala Convertible

Best Student Vehicle:

Tanner F. - Pasco

1977 Ford Ranger F100

"SHS Favorite":

(Voted On By SHS Administrator)

Steve T. - Yakima

1953 Sunbeam Alpine

"Best Of Show": (Voted On By The Participants)

Roy G. - Kennewick

1969 Chevy Chevelle

"Car Club Cup":

(Car Club With Most Members Present)

Iron Angels Car Club - Toppenish

(All trophies were created by the SHS Fusion Tech.)