Favorite Import:

Raul F. - Sunnyside

1991 Honda Accord

Favorite Modern:

Ray A. - Sunnyside

2005 Chrysler 300

Favorite Muscle Car: (Adult Entry)

Bill U. - Sunnyside

1966 El Camino

Favorite Muscle Car: (Student Entry)

Andy F. - Sunnyside

1972 Olds Cutlass

Favorite Classic: (Adult Entry)

Don W. - Benton City

1949 Cadillac

Favorite Classic: (Student Entry)

Randy D. - Sunnyside

1966 Ford "Pony" Mustang

Favorite Truck:

Noel H. - Grandview

1937 GMC Pickup

Favorite 4x4:

Jay H. - Sunnyside

1968 Chevy 4X4

Favorite Ford:

Don S. - Benton City

1955 Ford T-bird

Favorite Chevy:

Dean T. - Yakima

1979 Chevy El Camino SS

Favorite Mopar:

Julio T. - Sunnyside

1964 Plymouth Valiant

Favorite Topless: (Convertible)

Ruben S. - Granger

1968 Chevy

Favorite "Git-R-Done":

Gerry B. - Mabton

1966 Plymouth Satellite

Favorite Motorcycle:

Israel R. - Sunnyside

2004 Heritage

Favorite Bicycle:

Albert R. - Yakima


Favorite Custom:

Jerry E. - West Richland

1951 Mercury Monterey

Favorite Low Rider:

Luis C. - Toppenish

1965 Chevy Impala

Best Adult Vehicle:

Ed B. - Benton City

1932 Ford

Best Student Vehicle:

Layne L. - Outlook

2006 Creative Chassi

"Best Of Show": (Voted On By The Participants)

Ramon V. - Sunnyside

1972 Chevy Chevelle

(All trophies were created by the SHS Fusion Tech.)