Growing Up on the Hellmouth

Author: Faery


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Spoilers: Blood Ties

Couple: Spike/Dawn

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Summary: What if Dawn had run back into the night after finding out that she is the key?


Part One

Spike leaned against the tree outside the Summers' house, his words from earlier in the evening echoing through his head: "They sent the key to her ... in human form. In the form of a sister." To him the statement in the Watcher's journal had been an amusing revelation…so the little kitten was more than she seemed. Good for her. But to Dawn it was the end of her world. Suddenly reality made no sense. Spike had to hand it to her though. She had looked like she was going to collapse into a ball and sob her eyes out, but instead she slowly got to her feet and said quietly, "take me home Spike."

"Since when did I become a soddin' babysitter for the Slayer's kid sister?" were the words on the tip of his tongue, but after glancing at the haunted look in Dawn's eyes, he kept his mouth shut. Instead of shooting his mouth off, Spike walked her home in awkward silence while she trudged along in a zombie-like state. Once they arrived at her home, Dawn walked inside without so much as a "thank you Spike."

Now the blonde vampire leaned against his customary tree and watched the house. He tried to convince himself he was there for purely selfish reasons. There were bound to be fireworks when everyone found out that Dawn had snuck out, and he always did enjoy a spot of violence. He crushed his cigarette into the ground. Yeah, he was just there to watch the fireworks. Not because he cared sod all for either of the Summers girls.

Spike was snapped out of his internal debate by the sound of screaming. A chorus of "Oh my God's" bounced through the house. "What do you know, I get to see a touch of violence after all." With preternatural hearing, Spike listened to the sound of several pairs of feet running up the stairs. Inside, Dawn was roughly shoving her mother and sister out of her room. "Get out, get out, get out!" she screamed. Spike then heard the door slam and the sound of the bolt sliding in the lock.

Inside it seemed like all the women were crying. "I didn't think the little nibblet could cause such a fuss," Spike muttered. "I wonder what she did to get their knickers in such a twist." As he listened to the commotion, his head was filled with thoughts of the Slayer, warm and pliable, crying against his chest. He would just love to kiss it better. But again he was torn away from his thoughts. Spike cocked his head as he heard the sound of a window being opened. Dawn was sneaking out for the second time that night.

When Buffy had gone to college, Dawn had immediately snatched up her sister's old room, claiming she liked the view. Buffy had made no protests. "What do you know, a baby Buffy," Spike said with a hint of annoyance. "You think Joyce would have had brains enough to not give the kid Buffy's old room. That tree is just the perfect escape route." The tree was also perfect for observing, as he recalled. Angelus had spent hours there, watching Buffy until the first rays of dawn peaked over the horizon. He would sketch and sketch away with plans to torment her. Spike had tried to follow in his grandsire's footsteps, perching in the tree to observe Buffy once his obsession had started, only to be rudely shocked to find the younger of the Summers girls asleep in bed. But with memories of Angelus, he couldn't blame the Slayer for giving up her old room.

Dawn climbed slowly down the tree, her progress hampered because she was only using one arm. With a thud she landed on the ground. A wild look was in her eye, and she began running without care for direction or what might meet her on her way to nowhere. She just needed to run. Spike left his visions of Buffy behind and began a steady, loping run after the distraught girl. If she got hurt out there, he knew that the Slayer would somehow manage to blame it on him…she always did.

Spike kept himself a moderate distance behind Dawn. "Best to let the kitten spend all her energy before I play `Daddy Spike' and take her home." Dawn's meanderings took her to the middle of the cemetery, not too far from Spike's own crypt. Suddenly she stopped dead in her tracks. She collapsed into a ball of tears, gasping and sobbing at the same time. Spike also stopped abruptly. The wind had changed and suddenly he could smell it all around him. Blood. Innocent and intoxicating. "Bloody hell! Stupid chit must have hurt herself in that damned tree."

Spike inched closer with a cat-like grace. Unconsciously he had taken on the role of the hunter stalking its wounded prey. With a jolt he was thrown to the ground. "She's mine! I saw her first!" a newly risen vampire cried. With a roar, Spike rammed his fist into the fledgling's chest and ripped out his heart, not even bothering with a stake. As the dust cleared, Spike leapt to his feet. A circle of vampires was slowly forming around Dawn, and she was oblivious to it all. Like sharks, they were drawn to the scent of her blood.

Punch. Kick. Stake. That was all Spike could think. He fought ferociously. Outwardly he was thinking, she's important to the Slayer, perhaps even to all of bloody human kind, but inwardly his demon had scented the power in her blood, and was screaming " MINE!" One by one the young vampires fell, all of them too foolish to even think of working together.

With a rough yank, Spike pulled Dawn to her feet. "What the hell do you think you are doing you stupid bint? Do you want to get us both killed?

"I'm not important. I'm not even real. It doesn't matter."

Spike gave her a shake. "We'll have none of that talk, you hear? Get inside… now!" Spike dragged the near-limp girl inside. He slammed the door and piled several large slabs of stone in front of it. "That should keep most of the nasties out for a bit."

Flinging his duster over one of the coffins, Spike went to sit on the couch next to where the forlorn girl had collapsed. He was overcome by a wave of hunger as the smell of her blood overwhelmed him again. Spike gasped as he took a look at her arm, the source of the smell. There was one long cut down the middle and several horizontal slashes that looked a bit fresher. All of them were rather deep and still seeping blood. Gently, he turned her head towards him. "Hell, luv. What did ya go and do this for?"

Dawn flung her good arm around Spike's neck and cried into his shoulder. "I wanted to know if I was real. Not some mystical ball of energy. Is it really blood coming out of me or something else?"

"It's real enough for me," Spike whispered.

"What do you mean?"

"I mean that I could care sod all whether you are some mystical ball of energy or just the Slayer's kid sister. That doesn't mean anything to the likes of me. Or to your family I'd gather. You are you no matter how you came about."

Dawn tightened her hold around his neck. "Thank you Spike! You're sweet."

Spike groaned. Both at being called sweet and because the smell of her blood was getting to be too much. So close yet so far away. Without realizing it, he growled and began to nuzzle her neck, trying to keep his gold-flecked eyes away from her arm.

"Spike, what are you doing? Are you ok?" Eyes flashing back and forth between blue and gold stared into her own. Fear and excitement rolled off her as she forgot about being the key for a second.

"No I'm not ok. What do you expect? I'm a vampire, luv. And your arm is all open and bleeding. It's like putting a starving man in front of a gourmet meal and telling him not to eat. Your blood is like innocence and power rolled into one. I feel like I could drink from you and never be thirsty again."

Dawn barely noticed as Spike began to wax poetical. "Spike thinks I'm a gourmet mean!" were the only words in her head right now. With a daring she didn't know she possessed, she turned Spike's face away from her neck and towards her face. Slowly she dipped her finger into the blood pooled in her other hand and tentatively ran it over Spike's lips. The gesture was both intimate and pure at the same time. A thrill went through him. Moaning, Spike suckled her finger like it was his last meal, pressing closer and closer every second. As he was leaning into her, Dawn abruptly broke the mood.

"Do you like me Spike?"


"Do you like me?"

What was it with women always wanting to talk when things were getting good? Through the fog of his blood-lust, Spike managed a coherent reply. "Well yeah, I like you. You're not bad for a kid I guess."

"I'm not a kid you know. I'm almost 15. That's old enough to get married in some places."

"Well luv, I'm not really the marrying sort. I'm more the bachelor type, being a vampire and all. Churches and priests tend to rub me the wrong way, if ya catch my drift. But I think you are a remarkable young *lady*. Too clever for your own good, and quite fetching. Any bloke would be lucky to have ya."

"Am I prettier than Buffy?"

Damn her and her infernal questions. Is there even a right answer to this? "You are different than Buffy, kitten. She is steel and fire. You are innocence and light. Pure ambrosia. I fancy ya both in different ways, I suppose. Although you do have the added bonus of lacking that guaranteed punch to the face every time I touch ya."

"Ok… Go ahead."

"Ok? I'm not a bloody mind reader, luv. What are you getting at?"

"Ok, you can feed from me."

Shock registered on Spike's face. With a hint of admiration, Spike thought "this kid's got nerves of steel." Grabbing her chin roughly, he let his demon come to the front. "Look at me nibblet. Do you see this? I am a vampire. I have no problem taking advantage of a 14 year old girl. As a matter of fact, I've tasted younger. Even with this chip I could drain you dry…you're already all opened up. Is that what you want?"

Dawn ran her fingernail over her cut, tearing away the slight protective layer that had stopped most of the blood flow. Fresh blood oozed to the surface. "I trust you Spike… Please? I…I want this."

He couldn't take it any more. The chit was literally begging for it. With deliberate slowness, Spike pushed Dawn back on the couch until she was lying flat on her back. Crawling over her, he took her arm and lifted it to his mouth.

Dawn gasped as she felt a cold tongue lapping at her wounds. A slight tingle began to creep all over her skin. Her thoughts were ecstatic. "I can't believe this is happening! I've never even been kissed, and now I have a sexy vampire feeding from me. This has to be the most erotic experience of my life. Growing up on the Hellmouth sure can be weird."


Part Two

"Ok, you can feed from me."

These were words Spike thought he would never hear from one of the Summers' girls. Sure, he may have been pining away for the blonder of the two sisters, but the little girl was just as much a mystery as her older sister. Both of them had this canny way of doing the totally unexpected, leaving him at a loss for words.

It must have been the chip that did it, or maybe a vision of a slimmer Spike, neatly fitting inside of a dust buster, that made him try to convince Dawn that offering up her lifeblood to a soulless, starving vampire wasn't perhaps the wisest decision she'd ever made. Then she'd thrown him for a loop again. Instead of getting all teary- eyes and running away, she took her nail and re-opened her wound. For him, it was as erotic as a lover spreading her legs. The intent was the same. It screamed, "come on in."

Spike didn't need any more convincing. It took all his strength not to drain her then and there. Chip or no, she was begging for it. That should make the chip inactive right? He certainly didn't want to *hurt* her. He had screaming of an entirely different sort in mind. He was determined to make this good for her. He knew from many years of first hand experience, both giving and receiving, that a vampire's kiss could be either brutal or erotic. For her, he would make it pleasurable. It's not every day an innocent opens a vein for you, you know.

Slowly he brought his mouth to her arm. First he licked slowly up her arm, his tongue tracing the grooves the knife had left in her arm. Then he took her hand and cleaned it, sucking off every last drop of blood that had pooled there while they talked. He could feel her responding to his touch. Her eyes were closed, and her head was tilted back with her mouth slightly ajar. No doubt the little kitten had never even had a man touch her, let alone ravage her body with his mouth.

Dawn didn't know what to do. She could feel his cold tongue pushing into her arm, cleaning her cuts and lapping up the blood. And while his tongue was cold, she felt warm all over…so warm! She had never felt so precious or loved, never felt so alive. And that was what she needed…to feel alive. To feel like a human with human responses, not some mystical Key that was to be used in a battle of the gods. Spike was touching her, needing her. Her blood was helping keep him alive, and somewhere deep inside she took great satisfaction from that. But the only thoughts she could muster up were, "don't stop… please….oh God, don't stop." But none of this was said out loud. Only small little sighs managed to escape from her lips.

Spike suckled Dawn's arm until there was no blood left on the skin. Until it was again milky white arm with only harsh red lines to mar the surface. The blood flow stopped as the cuts began to form a protective layer again. Lazily he continued to lavish wet kisses on her arm, no longer feeding, simply worshipping his fount of blood with his mouth. His thirst was far from quenched, and her racing heart indicated that she was thoroughly enjoying herself, but he didn't want to risk taking too much. She was a little girl, and only had so much blood to offer before things began to take a toll.

Spike pushed himself up, kneeling between the girl's legs on the couch. Shakily he said, "I gather we've both had enough for one night, wouldn't you say?"

Dawn looked up at Spike with dreamy eyes, but clutched his hand with a strength that belied her size. "Don't leave me Spike. I…you…you make me feel better. I don't want you to stop."

"Nibblet, if I don't stop, you won't have a drop of blood left to your name." Despite his protests, he couldn't help but lean over her again. Supporting himself on one arm, he gently took her wrist again."

"No, Spike"

"Um, luv. You're sending off some mixed signals here. I'm afraid I don't speak teenager, so tell me…*what do you want* ?"

Dawn leaned forward a bit and tilted her head to the side. "Here…I want you to bite me here."

She had her eyes closed and an expectant look on her face. Spike's demon roared inside of him. "DRAIN HER DRY!" was its command. Somewhere in the back of his mind, images of dust busters were floating around, but Spike was through protesting. If the little chit wanted him so badly, who was he to deny her. Spike placed a kiss over her pulse point and deliberately let his fangs graze her neck. He could feel her body unconsciously arching into his embrace. "Kitten I'm touched. Really I am. But I have this chip you see. If I didn't know better, I'd say the thing takes great pleasure in sending little zigzags of electricity all over my brain. If you *really* want this, you're going to have to do something for me."

Dawn's expectant eyes looked into Spike's golden ones. She gave him her "I'm braver than you think" look and boldly said, "I'll do anything Spike. What do you want me to do?"

A positively wicked look crept over his face.

"Beg for me, kitten."


Part Three

Spike grinned down at the petite girl with a look only a predator could have. He was fairly certain he didn't need her to beg to keep the chip dormant, but hell, he *wanted* her to. He missed the sound of a woman pleading, whether it was for him to spare her life or for something a bit more...recreational. After all, a vampire doesn't live by blood alone.

Dawn looked up at Spike with an incredulous look on her face. "He wants me to beg?! How gross is that?" For a second her eyes flashed defiantly. She appeared frighteningly Buffyesque with a look that shouted "I do not beg!" Then Spike began to lick her neck. Soft, gentle strokes that were teasing enough to be very frustrating. When his teeth touched her neck again, they were blunt, and he gently nipped her there. The moment his teeth touched her neck, Dawn's resolve crumbled. This was her fantasy, sprung from reading too many cheap vampire romance novels. She had to know what it was like for him to feed from her.

Once again, Dawn looked up at Spike. Her defiance was gone. Instead, her eyes were filled with wonder and awe at the feelings Spike was creating. While it may have been less than a year since she was created, Dawn was growing up fast. And for the first time she knew what it was like to experience something more than a school-girl's crush. What the vampire above her saw in her eyes was the beginning of lust.

Her eyes spoke far louder than her words as she plead, "I need you Spike. Please.... "

"I...I beg you," she said softly.

Spike groaned as she said those words. His demon needed the begging… needed to feel powerful after so much humiliation. Spike grabbed the back of Dawn's hair and pulled her face to his. Making sure she was paying rapt attention, he let his face morph once again. Fangs elongated and ridges appeared on his forehead. Dawn's next move sent a thrill through him. Spike nearly lost his control when instead of being fearful, Dawn leaned forward and kissed the ridges on his brow. Damn those Summers girls for being so unpredictable! The gesture of acceptance was too much. It brought tears to his eyes.

With a gentleness unknown to most vampires, Spike placed his lips on Dawn's throat. It was her first time, so he sank into her slowly, his teeth tenderly penetrating the soft skin of her neck. If the lack of pain in his head and Dawn's quiet moan were any indication, he was doing everything right. Warm blood began to rhythmically pulse into his mouth. He lost himself in her taste as he drank in time with her heartbeat. As he became overwhelmed by her blood, Spike sucked harder and harder, and Dawn began to cry out…

"Spike…oh God…Spike! Wh…what's ha…ha…happening to me?" Dawn's hands clawed at Spike's back, her fingers clenching and unclenching at random as her first very orgasm began to build in her body. Spike was kneeling upright on the couch, supporting Dawn's entire weight in his arms as he clutched her to him. Dawn wrapped her arms tighter around him, fistfuls of his shirt in each hand. Her eyes opened wide and a small "Oh!" left her mouth as she climaxed.

Spike drank deeply through her orgasm and didn't stop until Dawn's body lay limp in his arms. He set her down gently, a slight fear that he had drank too much creeping over him. Her skin was too pale, her breathing too shallow. Dawn looked at Spike with a dreamy glaze over her eyes and a small smile on her face. "Wow…" was all she managed to utter before curling up and falling fast asleep.

Spike gripped the couch for support as the heady feeling of her blood surged through his veins, making his world spin. Power seemed to flow through him, yet he felt an odd sense of peace as well. Absentmindedly, he brushed a stray tendril of hair away from Dawn's face.

"Bloody Hell," Spike muttered. "What have I gotten myself into?"


Part Four

Spike knelt at the end of the couch and gazed at the sleeping figure before him. Her breathing was too shallow for his liking, but her heart beat strongly. And she really did look like a kitten, all curled up in a ball at the other end of the couch. Spike could still taste her blood in his mouth and feel it coursing through his veins. It touched his undead heart to receive such a precious gift. Her trust and her esteem of him went a long way towards healing the hurt he had long carried around inside, the idea that he was not worthy. Wistfully he cast his eyes upon the marks on Dawn's body, both the ones of her own doing and the ones he had made.

"Bugger!" Spike exclaimed with a start. As gently, but rapidly as he could, Spike extricated himself from the couch and ran to get his first aid supplies. He was so used to dealing with vampires or the Slayer. He'd forgot that normal human beings don't heal up as fast. Spike rummaged through his things until he found what he was looking for. Gauze, first aid tape, cotton balls and rubbing alcohol. Kneeling down beside the couch, he slowly turned Dawn so that she was lying flat on her back, with her wounded arm facing upwards. At the touch of the cotton ball full of rubbing alcohol, Dawn woke up, eyes snapping wide open.

"Ow, Spike. What are you doing?"

"Well kitten, we seemed to have overlooked something. You still have some nasty cut marks on your arm. It's all puffy and red. Real unhealthy looking. Unless you fancy a nasty infection and perhaps a bed alongside your mum's in the hospital, you'll let ol' Spike clean you up."

With a grimace, Dawn kept her eyes focused on the stone ceiling above her. Spike tenderly cleaned out her arm and wrapped it in gauze. He also applied a dab of alcohol to the bite mark on her neck, but he stopped short of covering it up with gauze. He was proud of that mark, and wanted the world to see.

"There now, luv. You make sure you keep these cuts nice and clean so they'll heal up proper. Too much scarring can ruin the fun of remarking," Spike said with a wink.

"Spike, just why does a vampire have first aid supplies in his crypt?"

"Well pet, you may not have realized it, but you just fulfilled a long-standing fantasy of mine. I've been dreaming of having some woman come to me, all bleedin' and hurt. Made my heart race to think of kissing it all better, then bandaging her up, nice and neat."

"Yeah, I bet you were thinking about Buffy when you bought that stuff," Dawn said, a tinge of resentment filtering through her drowsy voice.

"You want the truth? Yeah, I was thinking of the Slayer when I marched my pansey ass to the drug store and bought first aid supplies. But a bloke's allowed a few mistakes, ain't he? It doesn't matter *why* I bought the supplies. Just that I have them here for you. *You're* the one I kissed all better, and it's *you* I bandaged up all nice and neat. So no jealous snits...they don't become you."

Dawn was too tired to argue. He seemed to be making sense. Dawn smiled, "so am I all better now?" she asked sleepily.

"Yes luv, you'll be all ship shape by morning."

"Mmm…that's nice." With that, Dawn seemed to drift right back into sleep.

Spike placed a tender kiss on Dawn's forehead, and thinking her to be asleep, he let his head travel down to place a soft, butterfly kiss on her lips. He was too preoccupied to notice the momentary tensing of her body. Nor could he hear her suddenly very wide awake thoughts of "Oh my God! He kissed me! My very first kiss is from a vampire...I *have* to write this down!"

Dawn kept her eyes shut though, and shortly thereafter Spike stood up. He walked over to the wall opposite the couch and leaned his forehead against the cool stone. The fingers of his one hand absently ran through his hair, while the other hand dangled at his waist. Spike just couldn't seem to calm himself down. He still felt tense and jittery, and his thoughts were racing. He longed for some kind of closure, some kind of release. From behind him, two pale arms snaked around his waist. Spike tensed as Dawn slipped herself between him and the wall.

"I thought you were sleeping, pet."

"I'm suddenly not very tired," Dawn answered with a sultry voice.

Since when did Dawn's voice get so seductive, Spike pondered briefly before he became distracted with her fingernails raking up and down his chest in a harsh, rhythmic fashion. "Oh yeah, that's it," Spike mummered to the wall. Taking the initiative, Dawn pulled Spike's head down to hers. This was not the near-chaste kiss of before. This was a passionate battle of wills and tongues that Spike felt himself quickly losing. With a groan, Spike pulled Dawn to him. She wrapped her legs around his waist as if it were the most natural thing in the world for a 14 year old to do. Spike took a moment to run his hands over her naked flesh before savagely pushing into her against the wall. It had been so long since he'd taken a virgin, and she was so tight. He began to pump, slowly at first, but rapidly increasing in speed. With every thrust Spike called her name, "dawn… Dawn…*Dawn*…DAWN!" he chanted like a mantra. With a muted roar, he allowed himself the release he could not have taken earlier.

Dawn watched wide-eyed from the couch, her mouth slightly ajar. She sat transfixed as Spike seemed to flex and unflex towards the wall in a rhythmic motion. His moans had snapped her from her teenage reverie concerning her first kiss, and him calling out her name repeatedly was enough to make her sit bolt upright on the couch to ensure she wasn't dreaming.

When Spike reached his climax, Dawn finally mustered the courage to ask the almost redundant question burning in her mind. "Spike," she said softly, "wh…what are you doing?"

Spike's fantasy ended with a jolt. He groaned again, but not with the fire of passion. This time it was the ice-cold groan of being caught in the act. The sound of Spike's zipper going up seemed to echo in the too-quiet tomb. Dawn watched as Spike discreetly wiped his hand on a shroud before turning to face her. He sat down next to her on the couch, a chagrined look on his face.

"Dawnie, I don't want you to be mad at me. You know how I made you feel earlier, right?" Spike spoke as if speaking to a very young child. "Seeing you like that, well, it made me all hot and bothered. It's not in my nature to go to bed...unsatisfied."

Realization spread over Dawn's face. "Spike, I...I'm so sorry. But I ...I can't give you that. Not yet. I'm just not ready." Tears were welling up in her eyes. It was all too much. The feelings he had caused had made her feel wonderful. But in all of her self- discovery, she had never once thought that he might want something in return.

"I must seem so selfish, but this is just too much for me!" Sobs shook her body as fat teardrops fell from her eyes.

Spike pulled her head to his chest and smoothed her hair with his hands. "Shhh…shhh. It's alright, poppet. It's alright. If you don't mind me...helping myself along...sometimes, then we'll be just fine. I promise, I will never, ever hurt you, or push you beyond your limits."

"Really? You're not mad at me?"

"Oh no, Dawnie. I'm not mad. You gave me quite a gift tonight. You trusted me; you gave me your blood. And the way you gaze up at me, with those big, wide eyes of yours...well, it means the world to me. What kind of daft fool would I be to give that up? If I just wanted to shag, I'd go crawl to Harmony. The way you look up to me, that means so much more than a thousand easy lays."

Dawn sniffled and then smiled. "Well gee, I think I'll take that as a compliment."

"Damn right you'd better. I was a poet once you know. You should bask in my superiour way with words. I await your glowing admiration." Spike grinned at her and she burst into a fit of giggles, then yawned loudly.

"You look tired. How's about this, luv. Why don't we sleep don't you go raisin' your eyebrows at me. I mean sleep, nothing more. I think we could both fancy a rest after the night's activities."

"That would be nice Spike." Dawn smiled as Spike lay down on the couch. She curled up next to him, her fingers idly tracing circles on his chest before they both dozed off into a deep slumber.

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