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Welcome To Pictures Arena

Dwarf Hamsers Pics!!! Click HERE to visit my lovely dwarf hamsters :)

My Pics!!! Click HERE to see my recent cycling trip to Pulau Ubin :)

My Pics!!! Click HERE to see my recent company D n D :)

Welcome To Computer Utilities Arena

Soh Guan Hoe's Sample Computer Games

Four J2ME software that can be downloaded and run on the phones are available NOW!!!
For Nokia phones, Services -> Go to address and key in
to do a wireless over the air downloading...

NEW Chuadaidi!!! Chuadaidi version 0.7

Fix bugs for PAIR combination on the table.
Taken out TWO PAIR combination.
New Challenging AI incorporated. Rate your success rate against the Computer :P

I understand some of you cannot play the game. This is due to Java Runtime Environment not installed on your PC. Hence, I provide a convenient link for you all to download the Java Runtime Environment 1.3

Once the file j2re-1_3_1_01-win.exe is installed, the chuadaidi game should be able to play.

Will be releasing a Java applet version of Big Two here soon. Keep tuned :) Click here to play applet version of Chuadaidi.

Soh Guan Hoe's Sample Computer Utilities

Mail me at to get more details and information about my utilties

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htmlGEAR - free polls, guestbooks, and more!

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