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MV Spoken Word - Hotline Server

- Hotline Server address IP:
- Temporary login/password: mvsw/mvsw

The MV Spoken Word Server has over 5 Gigs of eductional materials
(Speeches, Law seminars, e-books, music, etc). Download instructions
and a partial file list follow below.

Instructions for Downloading:

1st Step is to download and install the Hotline Client software.
Get the Hotline Client from:
(after download, install and read manual)

PitBull Pro is an alternative Client, but only a Macintosh Client is available.

2nd Step is to log in to the MV Spoken Word Server. To do this,
run the Hotline Client software. To connect to MVSW ( click
the globe icon to bring up the tracker window, then click the 2-way arrow
icon and enter the Server IP: "", then enter Login and Pass
(mvsp/mvsp if you don't have an account yet), then click "connect".
--ps, To make it easier to login to the MVSW server the next time
save a bookmark. To do this hit the "save" button before you hit "connect".
Then the next time you run Hotline Server find the bookmarks in the Tracker window
and double click the bookmark you just saved to connect to the MVSW server.

Once connected, hit the folder icon to browse the files)

For a quick visual "how-to" go here: (click "client" to learn more)

If the IP address doesn't get you connected do this
- Add these trackers to your Hotline Tracker window:
Noporn -
Revolution -
(For a full list of Hotline trackers go to:
- Then type "MV Spoken Word" in the tracker search box, open the trackers by
clicking on the arrows next to tracker name. Then find "MV Spoken Word"
in the list and double click it.

Partial File list

FEATURED Selections:

* The 3rd Edition Cracking the Code seminar 8 parts + conference calls.
* Life, Law and the UCC-- Regaining Freedom through Private Contract by Lightbringer. From, publisher of Cracking the Code, 3rd Edition.
* Liberty Seminar by the King's Men (Randy Lee and John Quade)-- US Legal History, Non-Statutory Abatements, Jurial Socieites and how to win OUTSIDE of Courts
* AwareGroup Redemption Seminar good intro to Presumption, Redemption in Law and Trusts

-- Text - ebooks
anti-tax resources
Defensive Law resources
General Law studies
Local Sovereignty Movement
Winning Against Creditors

-- Spoken Word
Merril Jenkins
  Monetary Realism.mp3     (Making sense of "money")

Richard Kelly Hoskins   (A great story-teller)
  1-Sheep_and_Wolves.mp3       (Wolves eat Sheep, that is what they do)
  2-SixInvasionsOfTheWest.mp3      (Sheep try to keep from being eaten)
  3-Goths-Vikings-Romans-Huns.mp3      (History and character narative)

  Law of Dominance        (most important, but under-emphasized issue)
  Neo-Patriotisms_Flaws   (Flaws of the new American Patriotism)
  Origins                 (Creationism, Evolutionism, Racial Origins)
Stuart Crane
  WheatReceipts.mp3   (IMF, FedReserve Banking System)

Howard Freeman- 
  Freeman-Obedience_n_Command   (Why giving our word has power)
  Melchizedek     (Who was Melchizedek, Examples, and application) 
  Christian or British Israel  (Why CI is persecuted and BI is not)
  Earl of Dysart     (Continuation of CI vs. BI tape, historical)
  Preparation for Deliverance   (preparedness for troubled times)
  Love and Law.mp3             (Relationship Between Love and Law)
  Telegony       (Bible, Race, Inter-marriage and mixed offspring)

Louis Beam   (a great rousing public speaker)
  EstesPark_Response2Tyranny   (Leaders Meeting during Ruby Ridge)
  FedGovt_and_Your_Future    (One of Louis' best crys against tyranny)
  To_Hell_w_Fed_Govt         (Rousing message to resist Fed Tryanny)
  Men_Govt_Law-UnholyTrinity (   "   "   )  
  When_Evil_Men_Rule         (... Good men suffer...  Unless....)

Jarod Taylor   (of American Renaisance)
  Prospects4NewCentury   (Overcoming future race-relations problems)

Dr Wayne Lutton (Immigration Expert f/ American Renaissance Conference)
  The Silent Invasion    (Calling Immigration problem what it is...)
Mike Green- 
  Dispossession           (excellent! "They" are Dispossessed!)
  Knowledge of Salvation  (brings Deliverance, Victory, freedom f/fear)
  Higher Health Laws  (These make or break, regardless of health habits)
  Stirring Your Mind  (discussion of Phineas, Rev 2:9&3:9, Our New name)
  Times and Epochs        (Foundational for understand New Covenant)
  Gods-Festivals1         (God's Feast Days under New Covenant)

   God's Sovereignty.mp3
   Rushdny_Future of Christian Reconstruction.mp3

  GiveTheDevil_hisDue   (Bible "Devil" & "Satan" Defined/Dispelled)
  2ndGreatCmd-Love_n_Money   (Love & Economy of 2nd Greatest Commandment)
  Love-Men_n_Women-1   (Scientific in-depth study on Love- men and women)

  Marriage_Laws-1.rm   (discussed God's regulations on marriage, divorce,
  Marriage_Laws-2.rm   (number of wives, etc according to God's Law)