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Archive of History Lost
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Yggdrasil's Online Library
4000 years of Western Civilization

Need to find a WWW page that is no longer online? Use
the WayBack Machine- Surf the archived Internet since 1996
Banned Books Online- objects of censorship
Real History Archives - This site is designed to provide researchers links and leads to finding solid information about our real history
The Barnes Review - Bringing History into Accord with the Facts
Campaign for Radical Truth in History - Michael Hoffman
The Labyrinth - Resources for Medieval Studies
History Timelines on the WWW
The Great Writers, Scientists, and Philosophers in History
Encyclopaedia of the Celts -^- Celtic Resources
Viktor Rydberg's Teutonic Mythology
Haskins Society - Viking, Anglo-Saxon, Anglo-Norman, and early Angevin history
The American College of Heraldry
MV Spoken Word- 6 Gigs of Audio, Video and Text for download

Matters concerning His Lawful assembly- Book of the 100s Online
:David-Wynn: Miller, :Law-Claims:
Anatomy of Slavespeak - By Frederick Mann
New Paradigms Project - A Private Network of Researchers Dedicated to Identifying the Nature of the Ruling Class/Conspiracy(ies)
United States is a Bankrupt Corporation and its Citizens are Slaves
Anti-Lawyer Party- Against the Oligarchy Policy State
Moneypulation (Money Manipulation)
Bank Freedom - Banker Secrets Revealed
History of Money - From Ancient times to the Present
Capital Wise by Tom Schauf , CPA --Money, Banking, Debt Solutions
High Returns of Private Bank Trading revealed
Tax History Project - designed to illuminate key periods in the history of American federal taxation
The Law that Never Was History of the Income Tax ammendment
Tax Gate- Income Tax and News
ArrowPlastics- Company doesn't withold taxes from employees
The Series - David Gould's 20 part study on History, Law, Constitution, Citizenship, Contracts, Taxes, Banking, Finance and other topics
Science of Getting Rich
Honest Money, Gold, Just Weights and Measures
Peoples Rights -Law, Tax and Money issues
Joy Foundation- Income Tax Resources
Anthony Hargis- a free market contractual company
NorFed - Inflation Proof Curency
Isaacson Society Faith Based Ecclesiastical and Educational Society
Second Mayflower - Online Book for New Reformation

20th Century Democide - Nearly 170 million people probably have been murdered by governments in this century; over four-times those killed in combat in all international and domestic wars during the same years.
Vindiciae Contra Tyrannos - Defense Against Tyranny
Anti-War Int'l opposition to globalist interventionist forces
The Coming Battle by M.W. Walbert
Power and Accountability by Robert A.G. Monks
On the Right to Rebel Against Governors - Election Day Sermon 1776
Letters to Jessica - A Child's Guide to Freedom of Mind and Spirit
Enterprising Americans - A Business History of the United States
I Smell a Rat - Hidden Secrets of the U.S. Constitution
The Missing 13th Amendment to US Constitution
Against the Grain Press- Govt, History, Taxes, Law
Puritan Economic Experiments - Why The Puritans Abandoned Big Government

American Epigraphics - Before Columbus--Who?
Los Lunas (NM) Decalogue Stone - 10 Commandments in North America in ancient Hebrew
In Plain Sight - Old World Records in Ancient America
KENNEWICK MAN and Ancient Americans
White America by E.S. Cox - America's ethnic problems seen in a worldwide perspective.
How to End Racial Discrimination by Steven M. Barry

Free E-Books by Greg Loren Durand
SWRB Free Books - Numerous topics
Hall of Church History - Theology from a bunch of dead guys
Christian History and its Preterist Presuppositions
Unholy Alliance - History of the National Council of Churches and Its Leftist Policies - From 1908 to the Present
Catholic Encyclopedia
Historic Church Documents
Facts are Facts - Truth about the Khazars
Khazarian Info Center - A Resource for Turkic and Jewish History in Russia and Ukraine

Other Useful Links

Fight the Finger Print - Say no to Gov't National ID!
Corporation Sole- ecclesiastical alternative to 501c3 incorporated churches
Life Without a Number
PT Resource Center - Legal ID, Car Registration, etc.
International Auto Driver's Club- Driving Document
World Service Authority- Passports
PSASL- Non-Corporate Auto Assurance
Americaus Liability - Conveyence Assurance
Ecclesia.Org - News, Law, Legal References, Discussion
Due Process group- Win the Collection Game
Strategic Withdrawal (The Peaceful Solutions Manual)
Filing a Statement - Alternative to Tax Return
Save-A-Patriot Fellowship - Resist illegal actions of the IRS and other gov't agencies by preventing their misapplication of law.
Outlaw's Legal Service Help to Fight Corrupt System
Law, Courts, and the Police Anarchism & the Public Good
Sue and Jail Criminal Government Agents
Working without Numbers! American Workforce Contracting
Media Bypass Magazine - Uncensored National News
The Jubilee Newspaper
Home Schooling Resources
The Anonymizer - Private WWW surfing
Eliminate SpyWare from your Computer
Federation of American Scientists - A professional group working to break through government secrecy, particularly in the military.

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