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Christians Against Heresy.

Christianity is under attack.

In our schools, from our own government, and even in our own families, the hoofprint of Satan is stamping across the world. Atheists, homosexuality, evolutionists preaching their own brands of pseudo-science, and more are dragging America down into a gutter.

How are they doing it?

They can't do it openly, because they know the majority of Americans who are good Christians would fight them, so they do it through subtler methods. One of their favorite is the tool of HERESY.

What is heresy? Heresy is about LYING. It is an attempt to drag, kicking and screaming or by trickery and deceit Christians into a false sense of security. By false doctrines and false religions, those who practice it are guilty of sins that will doom them to Hell, and if they can drag you down with them, be sure of it, THEY WILL!!

Their favorite tactic is to tell you that they're still worshipping God, but here, take this, this is what God is REALLY saying. DON'T BELIEVE IT!!

There are a lot of candidates for the worst heresy, but here are some of them:

  • Roman Catholocism
  • Mormanism
  • Atheism
  • Jehovah's Witnesses
  • Unitarian Universalists-Humanists
  • Deists
  • Moonies
  • Wiccans and Other Pagans

There are good arguments for each of these, but it is the last that deserves the most attention. Wiccans and other pagans claim to worship the Earth ('Mother Earth', 'The Goddess', ETC) but the truth is clear when they finally talk about the REAL power, the Horned God.

Shocked? You should be. Not only do they sit out in the open proclaiming to all that they are worshipping SATAN, but they claim they aren't, that Satan doesn't really exist. If Satan doesn't exist, than you can't worship him, right?

You can call it 'Nature' or 'The Earth Mother' or 'The Goddess' or whatever, but the truth is that you are worshipping hedonism and giving in to your own base, SINful nature. THAT is the true 'Nature' you are bowing down before! Listen to what they tell you, that 'Sex outside of marriage is fine' and that 'Homosexuality is not a sin' and that 'You do not need to pay attention to Jesus Christ'

But you say to yourself, 'I would never do that!'.

But it is subtle. First you let your daughter wear a pentragram on a necklace around her neck. Then you let her go to a rave, choosing to accept her when she says that 'It's just a party for some friends of mine and me!'. Then your son's school starts teaching YOUR children that homosexuality is 'Just a choice' and that it isn't bad.

Our schools, our government, our society, a society that should be devoted to the Lord God, is indoctrinating our children in ways that would have seen them burnt as heretics five hundred years ago.

It is CHRISTIANS who are remaining true to their FAITH that are now being burnt, figuratively now, but how much longer before it is literally as well! /B>

Let me give an example.

This article began with a posting on the Internet from a woman concerned about her daughter. The website in question reprints a paganistic tract aptly called "The Book of Heresies" is an excellent example of how with seeming innocence modern paganism and secularism have increasingly managed to indoctrinate our children.

"Hi there. I am looking for advice on something and I was hoping someone here could give me some ideas on how to handle an uncomfortable situation in my home.

My daughter (age 17) has always been a little rebellious, but she's never done anything like this before. She goes to Church or used to and now I don't know what to do about her.

About four months ago someone at school told her about a web site called "The Heresies". I thought it was just something for class. Then she started arguing with her father about going to Church, saying that it was her "choice", not his or mine. He let it slide once or twice, but she refused to go back even after that.

Now she's hanging out with a completely different crowd, and I swear not one of them is the kind of child you would ever see in a church. I challenged her on what was going on and she told me that she had found something "better" than Christ!

I made her show me this website, and you would not believe the kind of things it says. It's

Could someone PLEASE help me?! Is this a cult? My husband thinks I'm blowing this out of proportion but he hasn't read this stuff.

(name removed)"

I'm a reasonable guy, and I don't tend to throw the first stone, so I went and read this, thinking it probably was just some paper by some poofed-up academic sitting in some ivory tower.

Like the pagan witch who says she isn't REALLY worshipping Satan even though she worships something called 'The Horned God', the 'Heretic' of this 'Book of Heresies' comes out and SAYS what it is doing. But I still hear people saying it's not evil, no, it's not dangerous, it's just teaching tolerance.

In the name of amiability, we have refrained from making our voices heard. In the name of sociability, we have held back from criticizing other religions. In the name of tolerance, we have come to tolerate the very things we should be speaking out against.

"Be nice to everybody." "Everyone has a right to have an opinion." "This is a free country." We have taken these words to mean that we, as Christians, are obligated to tolerate and accept everything that anyone anywhere wants to do. The problem, of course, is that some things clearly are not right. Some things are not good, and some things simply should not be tolerated.

In heeding the clarion call of an increasingly secular America, Christians have let themselves be disarmed. Things which once would have been condemned as immoral are now being deemed not simply acceptable, but in some case mandatory. Depictions of demons, witches, wizards are appearing not simply in the hands of our youth, but in the hands of the very educators to whom we are trusting our children. If one speaks out against this state-sponsored indoctrination, one is labeled "intolerant" or "fundamentalist".

Intolerant. Fundamentalism.

When did these words become curses? Intolerance of Hitler was most definitely not a bad thing, so why has it come to be that intolerance of immorality is a bad thing? Fundamentalism, too, has come to be a word painted in darkness by the growing tide of anti-Christian forces in America. Surely, an adherence to fundamental principles and basic morality cannot be a bad thing, can it? But that is exactly what many would have you believe.

1-25 Immortality
We are strong not from what we build, but what we are. What we build or make will become a truth of its own. Our children, our works, they will be nothing greater and nothing less than themselves.

We are strong from CHRIST. Self-actualization sounds more like self-obsession, to me. We are immortal in CHRIST.

On to the second part, where it becomes clear what it's really trying to do.

2-15 thunder and perfect mind
(some stuff cut for brevity)
I am the whore and the priestess.
I am the wife and the virgin.
For I am godless, and I am the one whose God is great.

There you have it, folks. "I am godless, and I am the one whose God is great."

It comes out and SAYS it, and still people wonder if this is a 'good' religion, or just a nice philosophy teaching tolerance and 'choice'. The ONLY choice is to choose Jesus.

2-18 divinity
Mary said:

"Divinity is not a thing separate from the world, it is the world. To turn to the divine is to turn to each other."

God is divine. Turning to each other is spiritual masturbation.

Mary smiled then:

"I am God."


2-29 messengers of the light
Mary said:

"Whoever finds his life will lose it, and whoever loses his life for the sake of another will find it."

I'm sure somebody out there recognizes it. Better known as Matthew 10:39, but slightly different in the original.

"Whoever finds his life will lose it, and whoever loses his life for my sake will find it."

Turn your attention from Jesus, in other words, and turn your eyes from God, is that it's really saying.

On to part three.

3-1 the nature of divine submission
Religion is at its heart merely the greater expression of humanity's will to survive, and the rituals are merely symbolic representations of this greater will.

If anyone still thinks this is even vaguelly, faintly Christian in ANY form, could you please raise your hand? Anyone? Anyone?

3-8 the solipsist and the pantheist
Divinity does not imply sentience, however, only being. Not thought, only substance. Neither does divinity imply either omnipotence or omniscience.

God isn't sentient?!

3-12 of religion
The Heresies perceive God in the grass and stone about us. They see God in the sun and the waves, the fire and the moonlight. God is female and male, profound and base, simple and complex. God is greater than the solitary soul, but the comfort that there is does not come from God, but rather from the knowledge and awareness of God. We are God. Apart, we are mere shards of divinity, but together, we are an infinity.

We are not "saved" by Mary and the Heresies. Everything is woven together, not in any mystical sense, but in the actuality that everything affects everything else, ripples in an ocean that fills all of reality. I cannot be saved by anyone but myself. Surrendering the responsibility that defines us for who we are is a betrayal of not only our own existence, but of all existence.

Faith becomes an issue of commitment rather than a question of belief. Our leap of faith is one of a commitment to a thing that we wish to become truth. I neither "believe" in God nor do I "have faith" in the Heresies. Belief and faith are actions only meaningful in the absence of substantiation.

We do not "submit" to Mary and the Heresies, as we do not submit to God. Submission implies subordination. Reality in all its forms demands not submission, but acceptance. It demands not surrender, but understanding.

"God is female and male, profound and base"? Base?!

Don't even get me started on the rest of this crap.

3-14 the word
In the powerful religions that dominated in the twentieth century there was always a single word, a single directive to guide and shape each.

Islam told us to submit to Allah. Christianity told us to believe in Christ. Buddhism told us to relinquish the material.

One must pour out what was in a bowl before it may be filled with something new.

The adversary of good is not evil, but apathy.

So, let me get this straight:

  • There is no good.
  • There is no evil.
  • Christianity is a 'past' religion.

And then there's the line that still sends chills down my spine, as if you couldn't already guess what their agenda was!

"One must pour out what was in a bowl before it may be filled with something new."

These "Heresies" ARE anti-Christian. Or more accurately, apostatic. It claims the name of God, and then twists it, making it enviromental-froofy and trying to make God pagan. Or at least put God at the same level as these made-up pagan "gods" and "goddesses".

Its bad enough when people go around making up their own religions. It's 100% worse when they take Christian and Biblical Truth and then weasel it to satisfy their own perversions. I've read through this Book of Heresies twice now, once in shock, the second time with a red felt-tip pen, and it is perverse and, I think, on the same level of cult-thinking that Mormonism or Scientology are.

The last twenty years or so have been nothing but this. You don't like what your church or minister says? No problem! Make up your own god! What your church or minister says is too hard to do or simply "too inconvenient"? No problem! Change your definition of god to something that won't make you uncomfortable by telling you what you do is WRONG.

These pantheistic, paganistic "Heretics" and their "Book of Heresies" are a perfect example of this, but they have the arrogance to take it one step further and not merely make up a new god, but try to redefine THE one and only True God.

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