stuff i play.

Here's some of the other equipment I've used in my old school days. There's a photo of my Precision on the Home Page, but I had to give this stuff some props, too.

tha GIBSON EBO (?)

This is the bass I learned to play on. It belongs to Hookaville High, and I used it for my first two years of Jazz Band. It's HEAVY...the bugger weighs a ton! And the neck has a pretty hard "v" shape, but it still holds a load of memories!

I used to sit on my bed on a lovely day (or, a rotten day for that matter) and play this thing through a RadioShack "Amplified Speaker System," maybe 2 watts max. If I turned either the amp or the bass up past half, the thing distorted like mad and annoyed everyone in the house, especially my little brother. He plays guitar you see, and back then, he was stuck on mom's old acoustic and suffered from what I like to call "distortion envy."

tha CRATE...

Here's the school's 80 watt Crate keyboard amp. Yup. Keyboard amp. But, it cut the gig, and I guess that's what counts.

It had me panicked there for a little while, though. One day in Jazz Band practice, the thing started to fizzle out every once in a while. NOOO!! This wasn't my amp! I couldn't have fried it, not at Jazz Band volume!

Well, we played the Pops Concert later in the week, and it sounded fine. I have no idea what it's problem was that day. Maybe it was amp goblins.

tha HORN... lovely double Horn in F! I've played this thang since fifth grade, and it's my favorite instrument next to the bass. I played one of America's most lovely concert halls with this thing!