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Benefits of Training

To compete and win in life, you need an EDGE. Kickboxing and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) are cutting-edge activities that build your confidence and self-esteem while teaching you to defend yourself. NY San Da's programs offer you total fitness by promoting strength, flexibility, coordination, improved reflexes and cardio-vascular conditioning. Finally, it can remain a challenging and interesting activity for many years or even a lifetime!

Physical benefits of training
1. Increased strength, power and stamina makes you feel great all day.
2. Improved reflexes and coordination increases performance in all other physical activities.
3. Weight loss and control equals greater flexibility and fitness.
4. Greater cardiovascular and respiratory ability and overall improvement in your general health.

Psychological benefits of training
1. Improved concentration for better work habits.
2. Reduced stress and enjoy greater relaxation.
3. Self-confidence, self-discipline and a positive attitude towards life.
4. The knowledge that you're able to protect yourself and your loved ones.
5. You'll learn the winning attitude of YES, I CAN DO IT!

Kickboxing and MMA Intro Program!
3 Classes and Boxing gloves for only $19.99