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The Velvet Underground: The Psychopath's Rolling Stones-
Rarities 1966-1993

01. The Star Spangled Banner (Sterling Morrison claimed this was not a VU track) 
02. White Light/ White Heat (Summer 1970 Max's Kansas City, New York NY)
03. I'm Waiting for the Man (Summer 1970 Max's Kansas City, New York NY)
04. All Tomorrow's Parties (11.04.66 Valleydale Ballroom, Columbus OH)
05. Run Run Run (08.02.69 Hilltop Festival, Rindge NH)
06. Guess I'm Falling in Love (04.xx.67, The Gymnasium, New York NY)
07. Venus in Furs (10.18.69 End of Cole Ave, Dallas TX)
08. The Black Angel's Death Song (01.29.72 Bataclan, Paris FR)
09. I Can't Stand It (04.10.68 La Cave, Cleveland OH)
10. Sheltered Life (Early 1967 Ludlow St. Loft demo)
11. Verissage (Radio advert for 3rd LP)
12. We're Gonna Have a Real Good Time Together (xx.xx.69 demo)
13. Chelsea Girl (Nico & Joe Bidwell, xx.xx.81 BBC broadcast)
14. Pale Blue Eyes (10.19.69 End of Cole Ave, Dallas TX)
15. I'll Be Your Mirror (01.29.72 Bataclan, Paris FR)
16. The End (The Doors song, sung by Nico)

Quality varies from track to track.