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Thank you for Visiting The De Novo borzoi Webpage! We're still under construction but please come back soon to see All my 'Zois. De Novo is latin for "The New" and My ideal is to retain the best traditionsof the breed while creating beautiful Borzoi through careful ethical breeding and conformation showing. I hope to add to the breed, and educate the public about Borzoi . I have owned borzoi since 1995, starting out with a beutiful pet Borzoi from Nadine Johnson, Rising Star borzoi. Mishka (pictured above) was a joy to my life and will never be forgotten. three years ago I aquired Vienna (Katushka Kyrovs Evening in Vienna) When she was two years of age and began showing her. As a novice my handling was less than graceful, but (I hope!) has improved since then. Veenie Weenie is a lovely silver blue brindle and white, with incredible movement and sound structure, unfortunetly she is held back from being truly "Competitive" By her Roman head. She is minor pointed and I believe that she will produce beautiful puppies. About a year after I had been showing Vienna I got Bandit ( Attitudes Definitely Maybe) from My beloved friend Gayle Koppes DVM of Loveland Colorado, Attitudes Borzoi, He is a lovely red sable and white with a beautiful long head and soulful eyes. He is lighter and smaller than many Borzoi males but still well within the standard. Bandit is pointed but like Vienna does not enjoy showing. And, Just last year I was lucky enough to bring Byron (Aspenglo plache Ponderosa) home, from breeder Kim Plache, Plache Borzoi, of Loveland Colorado. He is a big beautiful black and red and white tri-color standing at 31 and one half inches at the shoulder. He is a striking and exotic puppy with a lot of Flash! He has already got three points towards his championship title at 15 months of age and I look forward to showing him in the future. he loves the ring and loves people, which makes him an ideal show dog. Thanks for visiting, come back soon!



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