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Photo Galleries


Q427 inches out from under the rt. 31 bridge at CP57

6209 sits at CP57 in the last few moments of sunlight

Q116 rounds the curve just west of CP57 with full fall foliage with an old b36-7 leader

Q116 with a pair of ac6000's in Charlton, MA

Q168 with a pair of ac6000's in Charlton, MA

Q264 sits at CP57 led by 7344 waiting for a few westbounds

Q283 heads west under cloudy skies at CP57

Southern Railroad of New Jersey 3517 heads west to it's new home on Q427 by CP57

The northbound Vermonter in Palmer, MA

Ex Rio Grande sd40t-2 Photos added 1/25/04


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November 15, 2004