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Michael B Lipson - Plate Number Coils (PNC)

I offer Plate Number coils(PNC) in two basic formats: mint and used. Mint PNCs are offered as mint strips of five(PNC5), and mint strips of seven(PNC7) all with the plate number on the center stamp. Find me at a popular safe site that sells stamps On this site. Select stores. My store name is LipsonPNC All plate number coils have plate number on the center stamp. I invite you to try my PNC service as have hundreds of satisfied customers. You will not be disappointed. All PNCs are sound accurately graded, collectible, and are 100% guaranteed. Used PNC1 have complete perforations and the design does not cut into the perforations. Mint PNCS are MNH and F-VF or better. The price is for each PNC plate number in F-VF condition. The XF premium for all PNCs is 25%. Return in 14 days with all correspondence for replacement or refund. I give automatic refunds on out of stock items.

I am a verified PayPal vendor; a member of PNC3. You can order with confidence.

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