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Michael B Lipson - Plate Number Coils (PNC)

I offer Plate Number Coils (PNC) in two basic formats: mint and used. Mint PNCs are offered as mint singles, PS1, mint strips of three(PS3), mint strips of five(PS5), and mint strips of seven(PS7)all with the plate number on the center stamp. The price of mint PS1 is the price of mint PS5 less 4 times the face value of a single stamp. PS3 are 10% less than PS5. Add three times face to the price of F-VF PS5 for F-VF PS7. Add 50% to the price of F-VF PS5 for XF PS7. All plate number coils have plate number on the center stamp.

I invite you to try my PNC service as have hundreds of satisfied customers. You will not be disappointed. My prices in most cases are the lowest available. All PNCs are sound accurately graded, collectible, and are 100% guaranteed. Used PNC1 have complete perforations and the design does not cut into the perforations. Mint PNCS are MNH and F-VF or better. The price is for each PNC plate number in F-VF condition. The XF premium for all PNCs is 25%. Return in 14 days with all correspondence for replacement or refund. I give automatic refunds on out of stock items.

I am a verified PayPal vendor; a member of PNC3. You can order with confidence.

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