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Michael B. Lipson

19365 Cypress Ridge Apt 612 Lansdowne VA 20176 USA


Ordering Information, April 2021


To place an order, send me an e-mail, or USPS mail. Total your order. Include complete PNC descriptions.



US Mail : Michael Lipson 19365 Cypress Ridge Apt 612 Lansdowne VA 20176 USA


I offer a range of payment and discount options. I am a verified member of PayPal. I accept checks, cashiers checks and money orders.

To pay by PayPal, wait for my request for payment and send the authorized amount. All PNCs are sound accurately graded stamps and 100% guaranteed. The VF-XF premium is 25%. Return within 14 days with all correspondence for a replacement or refund.


I take regular postage at 85% of face in trade and Presort/Precancel at 60% of face. No further discount on trades. Self Adhesive stamps must have original backing. All other stamps must be undamaged and sorted by denomination.


On orders under $15.00, please add $0.75 for postage and handling. Volume discounts are offered on sales of PNCs as follows:

$15.00-$24.00 Post Paid $25.00-$74.99 5% Discount $75.00-$149.99 10% Discount over $150.00 15% Discount.


I ship world wide, however, I am not responsible for orders shipped outside of the USA. For orders over $15.00 to USA destinations, I pay postage and insurance. For international orders over $15.00, I pay postage only.