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New Issue and New Plate Number Subscription Policy

Michael B. Lipson 19365 Cypress Ridge Ter #612 Lansdowne VA 20176 07/15/2004

703-729-3736, April 2 2012



I offer a new issue and plate number subscription service for future regular and precancel issues. To request the new issues service, fill out and mail or fax. The subscription remains active as long as you maintain a $0.00 credit balance. New issues will be mailed within 10 days of release. New plate numbers will be mailed (within 4 weeks) as availability permits. An invoice indicating the current charges, balance (credit or debit), and minimum payment will be sent with each shipment. There is no minimum order nor service charge. Changes to this policy will be forwarded as warranted.


Please circle your selection below. Submit a separate form for each format.


Quantity - 1, 2, 5, other (indicate) __________


PNC size - PS3, PS5, PS7, other (indicate) ___


Regular PNCs - Mint, Used


Precancel PNCs - , Mint, Used (no cancellation)


Back Numbers (BN) Without BN__

With BN __ BN Center __

Condition - F-VF, VF-XF (1.25 x F-VF Price),

Superb (superb cost is 2 times the F-VF price)


Issues desired - All PNCs, First class rate only

Other (Indicate) _________


Plate Number - First plate number issued ___

All plate numbers issued ___

Name ________________________


Date ___________________


Address _______________________





Tel No. _________________