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Hera's Litter - Born March 31, 2005
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Fuzzy Misfits now has a new Website! Click Here!

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About My Rattery

My name is Cindy and I am located in San Diego, California. I have been breeding rats for many years now and have also been involved in rodent clubs across southern California. I am also a founding member and secretary of the Rodent League of America, a San Diego based club. I'm a small scale hobby breeder, currently breeding dumbos, rexes, hairless and standard rats of the BEST health and temperament. I affectionately handle EVERY baby from the day they are born in order to ensure a more social, loving pet. My rats are also raised with other pets romping around the household, including 2 cats who would NEVER harm them. Unlike some breeders who do this for the money or for the purpose of winning ribbons, I breed for the pure love and joy of raising happy rats. While I do produce show winning lines, my main concerns are that my babies are always 100% healthy and friendly. None of my babies will be sold as feeders - please don't ask!!!!!! If you're interested in these precious ratties, I'll gladly put you on a waiting list or help you find the rattie of your dreams - if I don't have what you're looking for.

Stud service may be available for serious requests only. I will more than likely ask to keep the pair under my own supervision.

Introducing the Rodent Mixes of Fuzzy Misfits Rattery!

I have decided to share my rodent medley mix and my high protein lab blocks with all those who are interested in giving their small animals a healthier, more delicious diet. I've been very disappointed with the mixes available in pet stores and felt it would be better to produce my own mix, with a recipe that I know is more nutricious and beneficial to my pet's balanced diet. Click Here for more information: Rodent Food


Please note: due to a disgruntled member, we've changed our name from Rodent Fanciers of America and a new club is now forming. More information will be released shortly.

A new Southern California based rodent club is now accepting applications! If you're looking for a fun group to share your love of small animals, then you should join us. We will be meeting once a month on Saturday at different venues across san diego and orange county. We will hold educational meetings, competitive shows, parties, and much, much more!! If you think you might be interested, please email me.

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