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The Clash Of The Titans.
At 12.05pm on Monday October 16th 1972 the first rainbow was seen by the most BRITISH of kid and he was fascinated. Fascinated by the one-armed-yellowish-thing-with a zipp for its mouth-called Zippy (ironic really) and his bad behavior. Fascinated by his friends too; Bungle, "the sappy bloke in the bear suit (with a mysteriously changing head)"; George, "the docile, not so clever hippo" and Geoffory, the just too feminine father figure; facinated by the four-way personality clash that was the brilliance of rainbow. But what that kid did not know, however, was that many years before these "semi-educational programmes" a war of un-measurable hatred and heroism raged. A war like no other. A war between 3 great races each ruled by one of the Rainbow 'puppets'. Also what that kid didnt know was that in a big brother-like format the rainbow house was in fact a final attempt to reunite these great figures of an equaly great war. And on these pages we see the true bungle as the Nazi dictator of Germany, the most honourable Zippy,primeminister of Britain and the currupt leader of Italy - George.

NEW CRAP IS AS pics... +"The End" updated...+"Bung-Laden Saga".....+What george is doing now..
The War
The End
The Bung-Laden Saga
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Profiles (Below)

Bungle - The Nazi Dictator

Zippy - The British Primeminister

George - The Italian Dictator

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