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Velkommen! Welcome, EVERYONE!"

Contributing to the Prairie Farm pages will be Daughters Cora, Bernice, Estelle, and Ruth with their wonderful reminiscences of life on the Farm and what Papa and Mama were like in good times and not so good times (we have to be honest, there is both good and bad weather in this earthly dimension!).

Every single guest is welcome with open arms! Plain View, the Prairie Farm, will have something for most anyone, as the editors aim to satisfy the human yearning for fellowship, recreations of golden days of yore, fun, and humor. Tragedy there was, but also wonderful redemption and transformation, as a needy, darkened soul found his way back to a forgiving God and the straight and true path that leads to the glorious New Jerusalem above.

Continuing what we began with the Plain View Farm and Stadems Saga websites, we have offered here in Homestead the "Bridge of Righteousness" that Papa Alfred Stadem crossed in the fateful year of 1947, and we also provide more tributes composed by Daughter Cora Taylor, Daughter Bernice Schaefer, Ruth Harrington, and other pieces by Daughter Estelle Rangen. Now please link to the next page for Part I, for this has served as an introduction not only to this Prairie Farm site but to a portrayal of what was truly involved in Papa Alfred Stadem's momentous turn around. Afterwards, take a look at tributes from Cora, Bernice, Ruth, and Estelle that tell of Papa and Mama in the grand and challenging Days of Yore!

So, drop your snow boots by the back door, and come in stocking feet! Put them on the side of the stove in the dining room-parlor to warm them up a bit while Mama goes to fetch you a cup of hot, fresh-brewed coffee and a piece of Lemon Cake or some homemade doughnuts just now cooling down from the oven! Whatever you want, it's yours, as you bask in the love and fellowship of the Stadem Family, love and fellowship which never run out because they come from the Lord Jesus!

When you leave you will carry away golden memories you will never forget. There was only one Plain View, our beloved Prairie Farm, and just as its doors were always open to visitors, so it continues in the grand old tradition to welcome everyone on the Internet to a big dose of Norskie hospitality, warmth, and love and fellowship in the Lord. Last but not least, we thank the children from St. Joseph's School, Chamberlain, S.D., from the Lakota Indian Tribe, for furnishing the picture which we have used for greeting you at the top of the page. They sent a Birthday Greeting Card, but we have taken the liberty to put in different lettering, which worked out perfectly, a child holding up each of the 13 letters needed, as you can see.

We warmly welcome those who return, as well as newcomers, fresh on the tracks of now thousands of other visitors.

Please use the links below, and welcome back to any of the Plain View Farm family of websites, which are easily accessed through, the master directory, found at the top of the page.

The Bridge of Righteousness--Ours or Christ's?"; How Papa Alfred Stadem Came to a Saving Righteousness

Prairie Farm Intro

"What if the Blood had not been Shed? How Papa Alfred Stadem's Deliverance was Achieved by Christ's Blood Shed on the Cross"

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