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Papa's Letter: 1946-1947 Events!

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For our Plain View Farm visitors' information, Our Beloved "Papa", Alfred Jorgen Stadem, the patriarch of the Stadem family, passed away to the realm of heavenly glory in 1962 in DeSmet, SD (hometown of Laura Ingalls, of "Little House on the Prairie!), four years after typing this letter with one trusty, farmer's finger--the way he typed countless letters and manuscripts, as he had to work on the farm and went only to the third grade consecutively in public school! It is absolutely amazing what he accomplished with so little educational credentials--showing that it isn't so much the degrees and years of study as the use of God's gifts of mind, moral character, and applying the truths and discipline of the godly life set forth plainly in God's Word, submitted to and practiced day by day, hour by hour, faithfully. Can it be done? Papa showed it could be done (though he experienced a crisis, leaning on his own strength of moral character, which must fail, so that the Grace of God can truly save and truly sanctify a human soul, even his soul--Ed.

Papa's Final Word: 1958

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