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Welcome to my room!SD Yo-Tan's Room O StuffEnjoy the veiw!

Yup this is Yohji's place! Make yourself at home and enjoy the Totally Weiß-ized E-cards, 500 picutures, Yohji rated episode guide, and vital information EVERY Weiß fan should kno about Yohji Kudo, the coolest man in Weiß Kreuz!!

oh mi lord!! There are now over 1,000 people signed up for Weiß Kreuz . !! Crazy huh? Pretty soon everything will get revamped and totally filled with more crazy stuff. Thanks for all the support!! Yohji lovers Unite!!

hecka mucho lotsa pics! what do you wanna kno? Mmm yummy Rated for Yo-tan goodness! lets talk!! Greetings POST PET!!Pnew New NEW!!


You can get your very own Weiß Kreuz E-Mail Account!!! Yes, you can own your own!!! ^_^ Sign up soon before all the good addresses are gone!!

Whoo-hoo mail

how perty! AHHH!!! Yohji was thinking of me!! This was Yohji's gift to me not to long ago for my first 1000 hits! It has bloomed beautifully in its gorgeous blood red plume. ^_^ Hopefully just like dear Yo-tan's love will grow for me! ^_^

The Weiß Kreuz Webring This way cool, ultra trendy, way Yohji-ized site is catered to by Yohji Kudo.
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