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Yelsha's Universe

Bombing Tribute Page--Please check out this tribute page and take a moment to grieve.

Feel Free to Check It Out!

The Galaxies
Alternate Universes
The Observation Station

Welcome to Yelsha's Universe! Feel free to wander around and check out the place. Comments desperately needed. Thanks!

Just a quick note: I've been asked by a few of my friends to share webspace with them and sort of "webmaster" for them. Karahkwa Ross, Kasim Smith, Salim Smith, and T'Yanna Wiles now have "planets" in this universe. You'll find their pages on that page. For those wondering souls out there, Karah is a writer (like me) and will be having some essays, fanfics, and other works up. If you've ever been a "traditional" fan fic site, that's what her place will look like. Kas doesn't really know what to do with her space yet. She enjoys the Internet but as for her little corner of it...
Any questions, comments, ect. on the design or layout of their pages should be directed to me. Any comments, suggestions, and the like on content can be sent directly to the page author. I've asked them to place an email address on the bottom of very page. If there isn't one, please send a notification to me and the message you wish to send and I'll pass things along.

As always, bare in mind that this site is "played with" quite often. Please be patient as we try to get everything just right. --Thanks, Y.