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Yard Gnomes..... How Can We Survive!

How you know a Yard Gnome is out to kill YOU!

Websites of the Damned!

A great FF1 site the Gnomes seem to enjoy it
Emily and Russ Lovers Forever Page
Hardcore Hentai and anime
The Hobo's Box City
lolitas! lolitas! lolotas!

Gnomes..... the word makes you shudder in fear. Last year in America alone 0 people were killed and countless injured in yard gnome related attacks. Many people have gone to the police and military for help in the war against the yard gnomes but no one believed their story. Everyone who had previously known the gnomes secret of world domination were found beaten to a bloody pulp by what some scientists say appeared to be a 3' and 1/8" foot long wooden hammer that could be swung with the force of a single yard gnome. If you have any information on these strange attacks please contact me at 1-800-yardgnome. Telling us your story could quite possibly save a life. Thank you. Tyler President of yard gnome warfare commitee.