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Questions are being raised about the role the Internet played in the
Columbine High School shootings.

In the aftermath of the tragedy, some are suggesting that ISPs keep tabs on teenagers online. Laurie Lipper of the Children's Partnership says others are calling for a summit to be convened that addresses the conflict between free speech and privacy rights on the Internet.

Lipper says the time is right to start protecting kids on the Internet. Republican Congressmen are expected to announce Tuesday "a national dialogue on youth and culture" that addresses Internet topics such as violent games, the exchange of guns, and hate groups.

ISPs will be urged to attend the discussions. Next week will mark the launch of MayberryUSA, an Internet provider that provides a whitewashed version of the Internet for children.

Although company guidelines give AOL the right to monitor the Web pages of its community members, AOL's Ann Brackbill says filtering and monitoring Web pages is almost impossible.

AOL enforces its kids' policy by vigilantly monitoring all children's areas, Katherine Borsecnik of AOL says.

(USA Today 04/27/99)

June 12, 2018 - Canada’s spy agency (CSE) expands its cyber security role

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Post Traumatic Stress Injury for Police
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Note: At 32 percent (2016), Montreal has the
highest number of female officers in Canada

Eight Montreal Police Officers injured
while rescuing baby from fire















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Eastern Missouri Public Safety - Live Audio Feed
Dallas, Texas Police Dept. - Live Audio Feed

FBI Director James Comey talks police, race relations (Video Below)

Detailed Police Video concerning De-Escalation Techniques (Video Below)

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Sgt. Det. Frank 'Spike' Ekins, a close family friend,
who joined the Montreal Police Department,
at the height of the Great Depression, on Oct 1st, 1936,
at a salary of $5.00 a week. Frank Ekins passed away
peacefully at Montreal, on June 24th, 1997.