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The Dave Page

Page started July 1997

Last adjusted (ever so slightly) on the 3rd of February 2006

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(Don't worry about telling me about bits of the page that don't work - i.e. most of it - it'll all be sorted out at some point...)

As if any of you come here before going to the Official site...but just in case:

Go to The Official Dave Davies Website to find out about all the official news and new releases

Go here to read Randolph Carleton Wright's account of meeting Dave Davies at Big Ed's in Reno.

The archive of the Dave Davies Yahoo/Rock Online chat can be found here.

Here's the address of The Official Dave Davies Fan Club...

The Official Dave Davies Fan Club
P.O Box 564198
College Point,
New York, 11356-4198

News from the fan club.
If there are any problems etc, you can email Rafaela

Please don't forget to sign the guestbook!

(Although I have now forgotten the password which enabled me to look at private entries, so if you wanted to tell me something in private - hmmm, sounds a bit kinky to me (sorry!) - it's best to send an email to

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Just want to say, if anyone has any comments or problems about the page, good, bad, things that shouldn't be on it, or if I cause offence for whatever reason at any time (it would be unintentional 99.568% of the time!) email me and we'll sort it out as amicably as possible...

This page started July 1997.

Here is where I'll stick any webrings that I may choose to join.

This Ring of Kinks site owned by Sue.
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The Kinks web site. Good place for finding the latest goings on in Daviesland.
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The Sonics Music Site...has some Kinks stuff :)
Another Dave site! (There'll be a Dave Davies web ring thing soon!) If you haven't read Kink (why not??) go here to learn about Dave's amazing spiritual revelations. Ah, what the heck, go here anyway!
If you have an IQ of 456 or over, and speak fluent Martian, you may just understand this page ;) Go here if you like little, furry things, with twitchy noses and long tails...but enough about the owner. Go here anyway (she linked me ya see...)
The Dave solo tour FAQ!
The Kinks Preservation Society
Oscar's Kinks page
The Dave Davies Scrapbook
Angelwear - T-shirts designed by celebrities for charity...including one by Dave Davies.