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Videos of
Amir Khusro's Music

Currently we are offering two VHS cassettes containing
performances of various styles of music ascribed to
Hazrat Amir Khusro. Soon we will make available a
set of audio and video CDs and audio cassettes of
Amir Khusro's music too. These video
cassettes (VHS) are available for $40 each.

These are archival recordings of music, poetry and other cultural practices attached with the legend of Hazrat Amir Khusro of Delhi. The videos are a meant for a general audience. These will be ideal for the students of Sufism, as well as for anybody getting to know about Muslim culture of North India and Pakistan.

Each of these videos costs $40., while the two together cost $75. (inclusive of packing, handling and shipping/courier cost anywhere outside Indian subcontinent / South Asia.) You must specify in your order which video format (PAL or NTSC) you want. For NTSC, add $5 per cassette for the transfer - the original is in PAL. The payment can be made either through a cheque/draft or a bank transfer to India. You can either e-mail your order or use the form below. We shall send you a confirmation e-mail on receipt of your order. Kindly allow us four weeks for the delivery.

Your name :

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(Kindly specify whether you want NTSC or PAL format, and how many copies. Any other message to us can also be typed in this box, i.e., the mode of payment you will be using.)

Please select which video(s) you wish to buy :

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Note : The videos are a copyright of Yousuf Saeed and Iffat Fatima, and are meant only for personal viewing. No part of these recordings can be used for commercial or any other copying purpose including broadcast by any means without prior permission of its copyright holders.
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