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Kabira Khada bazaar mein maange sub ki khair
Na kahu say dosti na kahu say bair.

Bura jo dekahn mein chala, bura na milya koi,
Jo mun khoja aapna to mujh say bura na koi

Chalti chakki dekh kay diya Kabira roay
Doi paatan kay beech mein sabut bacha na koay

Kaal karay so aaj kar, aaj karay so ab,
Pal mein pralay hogayi, bahuri karogay kab

Bada hua to kya hua jaisay paid khajoor,
Panthi ko chhaya nahin, phal laagen ati door.

Internet already has many sites on Kabir's poetry, but this page has been put up for those who can read in Urdu. I have not given the translation of the dohas as I feel Urdu-knowing readers may like to interprete and enjoy them on their own. However, for detailed interpretation one may visit this site. The meaning of some difficult Hindi words that are underlined in the above text are as follows :

Kahu : someone (koi in Urdu)
Pralay : delay, being too late, also interpreted by some as the doomsday
Bahuri : how
Panthi : traveller, vagabound
Ati : much, very much (bahut in Urdu).

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