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Amir Khusrau Website
A platform dedicated to peace and cultural pluralism in South Asia

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Utter a word of truth
That goes against the king,
And behead yourself with
The sword of your own tongue.

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Amir Khusrau Dehlavi (1253-1325 AD), a prolific classical poet associated with royal courts of more than seven rulers of Delhi Sultanate, is also a household name in much of North India and Pakistan, through hundreds of playful riddles, songs and legends attributed to him. Through his enormous literary output and the legendary folk personality, Khusrau represents one of the first (recorded) Indian personages with a true multi-cultural or pluralistic identity.

On this website, which is always evolving, you will find some essays such as one about Khusrau's Urs (death anniversary), another one about his Hindvi poetry, and some selections from his Farsi poetry, besides various interesting stories, tidbits, and links. However, this site not about Khusrau alone - we also feature many other stories and information on the pluralistic cultural traditions, peace, and Sufism in south Asia. Highly recommended is, why do we need an Amir Khusrau today?

 Current Features
» Popular Devotional Art amongst Indian Muslims: Iconography amidst iconoclasm
» Bibliography on the Chishtiyya: European Language Sources
» ETIHAS: Educational Technology for Indian History, Arts and Society

» Song of the Nine Heavens: Excerpts from Khusrau's Mathnavi Noh Sipihr
» Aqeedat ke Rang: Festival at IGNCA, Delhi
» The Contribution of Indian Sufis to Peace and Amity
(by K.A.Nizami)
» Sant Kabir's popular dohas in Urdu script
» Walking the Mystic Alleys: guide to the dargah Nizamuddin area
- also Maps
» Khayal Darpan
: Film about classical music in Pakistan. Watch the full film below.
» A Mughal miniature depicting Nizamuddin Aulia and Amir Khusrau?
» How to reduce communal prejudice and violence in India - a booklet
Amir Khusraw and the Genre of Historical Narratives in Verse: Sunil Sharma
Some Indo-Persian, Indo-Muslim, and Syncretic Resources on the web

» Ektara India: bringing plural culture of South Asia into focus

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Watch the documentary film 'Khayal Darpan' below here: