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imaja,-a ga,ailaba ko kuC Saor

ba@,Sao hO jalvae gaula ja,aOk,o tmaaSaa ga,ailaba
caSma kao caaihyao hr rMga maoM vaa haojaanaa

It's compelling beauty makes all men enjoy the glory of the bloom;
But the eye should take in every view, the brighter shades, the shades of gloom.

ga,ma Agarcao jaaM gauisala hO p khaM bacaoM ko idla hO
ga,mao [Sk, gar na haota ga,mao raoja,gaar haota

Although love's pangs may fatal be, there can be no way out;
Without love too this heart would grieve for want of things to grieve about.

iksa sao maohrUimae ik,smat kI iSakayat kIjao
hma nao caaha qaa ko marjaaeM saao vaao BaI na huAa

To whom, alas, shall I complain, if luck with me does not abide?
"O, give me death" was all I sought, that blessing too I was denied.

Saohro Asbaabao igarftaire K,aitr mat pUC
[sa k,dr tMga huAa idla ko maOM ijaMdaM samaJaa

Ask me not why I am sad, what grief doth clutch my heart.
My heart hath built me a prison-cell and raised grim walls,
Of narrow truths, of cramping loves and hates.
It shuts in the horizon of my thought and clips my fancy's wings.

[Sk, nao ga,ailaba inakmmaa kr idyaa
varnaa hma BaI AadmaI qao kama ko

Love has left me, O Ghalib, a good-for-nothing,
Otherwise a useful man I was.

]d-U poja pr vaapsa | ga,ailaba ko kuC AaOr Saor ihndI maMo
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