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Yousuf Saeed's

  • Khayal Darpan - a mirror of imaginationKHAYAL DARPAN: A feature-length documentary film exploring the development of classical music in Pakistan post-1947, a film that evolved out of 6-months sojourn of the Indian fimmaker in Pakistan. 105 minutes, 2006. More details
  • JANNAT KI RAIL (The Train to Heaven): A 7-minutes experimental music video celebrating the spirit of India's popular Islam, illustrated by popular devotional art and music. DVCAM, 2006. More details here...
  • Agriculture and the small farmer in India: A Bollywood perspective: 23 mins, DV, a video presentation exploring the developments in Indian agriculture and economy as depicted in popular Indian cinema over the years. Produced by Amitabha Sadangi, Bibek Debroy and Amir Ullah Khan
  • The Kesar Saga: Directed by Iffat Fatima (and partly shot by Yousuf), this film looks at the living culture associated with the traditional folk tale Kesar in Ladakh and Kargil. Betacam
  • EFBS – A Safer Pest Control: A training film for farmers on reducing the use of harmful chemical pesticides while growing vegetables such as eggplant. Dubbed in 5 Indian languages including Hindi, Bengali, Oriya, Gujarati and Khasi. DV/Betacam, AVRDC-Taiwan, 2004
  • A Life in Science - YASH PAL: A 42-minute documentary on the legendary career of eminent Indian scientist, Prof. Yash Pal - delves into subjects like High-Energy Particle Physics, History of Indian Science and Technology, Satellite Communications, Education and Philosophy. Betacam/DV (AJKMCRC, Jamia) 2004. More details here...
  • PROJECT FOR GENOCIDE: A short film about the ill-effects of a hydro-electric dam being constructed in the Himalayan region of Tehri Garhwal over the Bhagirathi river. Produced by Yousuf Saeed, Vimal Bhai and Surajit Sarkar. 25 minutes, DVCAM, January 2002.
  • HIGHWAYS OF CHANGE (I, II) : Shot and edited two films about the process of change in Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh brought about by the construction of two highways. Directed by Surajit Sarkar for UGC-CEC.(May 1999)
  • BUDDHA WEEPS IN JADUGODA : Edited and voiced this hour long documentary about the effects of Uranium mining on the tribal people of Jadugoda in Jharkhand (Bihar). Directed by Sri Prakash of Ranchi. (April 1999). Participated and won the third prize at the Himal South Asian Film Festival, Kathmandu, Nepal in September 1999.
  • BasantBASANT : Shot, edited and directed this short film about how a primarily Hindu festival of spring called Basant is celebrated by some muslims in North India. 12 mins., Betacam (Oct.1997 CEC-UGC). This film was an entry in Mumbai International Film Festival(MIFF'98) of short films, animation and Video in March 1998. Also participated in the 6th International Short Film Festival, Dhaka (Bangladesh) 1999. Also screened at various schools in Delhi. See more details. This film can be watched/downloaded at google video.
  • BUDDHA IN ZANSKAR : Shot, edited and directed this short film introducing the institution of Buddhist monastery situated in Zanskar, Ladakh. 12 minutes, Betacam (Dec.1998 CEC-UGC).
  • GHALIB : Directed and edited this short film introducing Urdu poet Mirza Ghalib's poetry and letters. 15 mins., Betacam (Sept.1998 CEC-UGC).
  • SUFI SAMA : Directed this short film on Sufi music, especially Qawwali, and its connections with Indian classical music. 15 Min., Betacam (June 1998 CEC-UGC).
  • MUHARRAM : Directed and edited this short film on Muharram (a Muslim occasion) being observed by a small community of Shias in Amroha, Uttar Pradesh. 12 mins., Betacam (May 1998 CEC-UGC).
  • INSIDE LADAKH : Shot, edited and directed (with Iffat Fatima) this series of 5 documentary films that study the concept of change in 5 ethnic regions of Ladakh, Himalayas. 5x30 min. Betacam (June 1997-Doordarshan 3). The first film of this series "Changthang" participated in Mumbai International Film Festival 1998.
  • BOOJH SAKAY TO BOOJH (Guess If You Can) : A 4 part documentary series on the contemporary image of 13-century poet Amir Khusrau. (with Iffat Fatima) 4x30 min. Betacam (Jan.1997-Doordarshan III).
  • MEALS READY : Co-edited a documentary film raising questions about rice cultivation and market economy. directed by S.Sarkar & Vani Subramaniam. 45 mins, Betacam (May 1996-ODA, Oxford). It has participated in many international film festivals such as Himal, Kathmandu (1998), MIFF, Mumbai (1998), Geneva (1997).
  • JOURNEY THROUGH THE WESTERN HIMALAYAS : Shot, edited and directed (with Iffat Fatima) this documentary film about the folk culture of Kargil, in Ladakh, Himalayas. 30 min. High band (Aug.1995-J&K Tourism) .
  • MAGHRIBI HIMALA : Shot, edited and directed this 5 part series on the ethnic and geographic variety in the region of Kargil/Ladakh. 5x30 min. High band. Hindustani (1995-Srinagar Doordarshan).
  • TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE - Scripted and edited a docu-drama explaining the phenomenon of 1995 total solar eclipse in India. 15 min. Betacam (Aug.1995-N.C.S.T.C. New Delhi).
  • GIST OF THE MATTER - Edited and co-produced this educational documentary about the new multilingual computer package called GIST-card. 24-mins. Betacam. (Sept.1993-N.C.S.T.C. New Delhi).
  • TURNING POINT - As part of a team I was involved in the conceiving, creative visualization, editing & co-production of first 30 episodes of this popular science series. It had various in-depth stories on environment, rural development, current technology in India & abroad, and about human body.It was anchored by actors like Naseeruddin Shah, Mallika Sarabhai and Girish Karnad etc. 30x26 min. High band. (Aug.1991-May 1993) Doordarshan/Times TV Production.
  • TURNING POINT- Co-produced and edited another 15-episodes of this programme. Telecast Feb.1994-May 1994.
  • LAMBA AADMI - Scripting and assistance for a short fiction film based on an Urdu short story. Part of a film production workshop organized by Max Mueller Bhawan, New Delhi. 18 mins., 16mm colour (1991).
  • BILL DISCOUNTING - Visualization and computer graphics for an instructional/corporate documentary about Financing by Bills 30-min. Betacam. (1991-Reserve Bank of India/MCRC).
  • MEDICINE'S NEW VISION - Research, camera and editing of this 3-part documentary series on Medical Imaging Techniques, like Sonography, CATScan and MRI etc. 3x24 mins. U-matic (July-Sept.1990-UGC telecast / MCRC)
  • THE GENE STORY - (with Aradhana Kohli Kapoor) A video documentary on Genetic engineering. 24 min. U-matic. (May 1990-Final Student Video, MCRC).
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