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Mirza Ghalib

Ghalib's Miscellaneous Couplets

To read the English transliteration of these couplets, simply take your mouse over the Urdu image. It will show you the ALT text.

Baqshe hai jalwa-e gul zoq-e tamasha ghalib / Chashm ko chahiye har rung mein wa hojana

It's compelling beauty makes all men
Enjoy the glory of the bloom;
But the eye should take in every view,
The brighter shades, the shades of gloom.

Gham agarche jaan gusil hai, pe kahan bachen ke dil hai / Gham-e ish gar na hota, gham-e rozgar hota

Although love's pangs may fatal be,
There can be no way out
Without love too this heart would grieve
For want of things to grieve about.

Kis se mehrumiye qismat ki shikayat kije / Hum nay chaha tha ke mar jayen so wo bhi na huva

To whom, alas, shall I complain
If luck with me does not abide?
"O, give me death" was all I sought,
That blessing too I was denied.

Shehr-e asbab-e giraftariye khatir mut poochh / Is qadar tung hua dil ki men zindan samjha

Ask me not why I am sad,
What grief doth clutch my heart.
My heart hath built me a prison-cell
And raised grim walls of narrow truths,
Of cramping loves and hates.
It shuts in the horizon of my thought
And clips my fancy's wings.

Ish nay Ghalib nikamma kar diya / Varna hum bhi aadmi thay kaam kay

Love has left me, O Ghalib, a good-for-nothing,
Otherwise a useful man I was.

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