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In case you hadn't guessed this is the section of The Fortress
that houses fanfiction by T'Yanna Wiles.
This is where I feed my Fanfiction Addiction.
I write in many fandoms, but I've only got four here.
As my writing improves, I'll probably expand this page.

Star Trek (Voyager)

Voyager is in a Hurry
Written with Karahkwa.
Just another day in the Delta Quadrant.

Wrritten with Yelsha
This is all Amiroq’s fault. Challenge response.

Closing the Distance
Commanders Chakotay and Tuvok examine and modify their current situation.

The Better Part of Valor
Sequel to Closing the Distance.

Any Tom, Every Tom
Written with Karahkwa.
A Little adventure with a female Q leads to the discovery of a soulmate.

Exchange Rate
Tuvok and Chakotay make a deal. But is it worth it??
NOT related to "Closing the Distance" and "The Better Part of Valor."

You Were Mine
The only way I can get through listening to a Ditzie Chicks song.

The Problem with Dreams and Reality
This has been a WIP since 2001.
I'm determined to finish it.
This is in the midst of a massive rewrite.
I'll try to keep the links working. :^}

Luck's Kiss
Tom finds a sure bet.

In Search of a Spark
An AU set in Season Three
Spoliers: Blood Fever

Wanna see my very first "fun with vid caps"?
Go here.


Love's A Splash
Joxerotica List Challenge Response:
Joxer is... and finds a very tattered, very old stuff animal.
Turning it over he discovers it says: Ares, GOW.

To Be Needed
Basically an Ares/Herc PWP.
Spoilers: Two Men and a Baby, Reunions & Full Circle

Bends in the Road to Happiness
The shortest distance between two points might be a straight line,
but where’s the fun in that? Is that even possible with the
God of Mischief is along for the journey?
Strife and Joxer take love around the bend.
Part of the AJCS List Solstice Scribbler.

Magnificent Seven

Ghosts, Voodoo and the Measure of Friendship
A Halloween where the past comes calling.

Harry Potter

Love Unmasked
A party, a pregnancy and plans that go awry.
Entry in Wave 3 of the
Misconceptions: Harry Potter Mpreg Fuh-Q-Fest

Waking Joy
Basically a surprise PWP.

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