Welcome to the home of fanfiction by Jheran MacAlister and Trent Grey.
For those of you that don't know they are one in the same.
On a personal note, I highly recommend all of her works.


All's Fair in Love and War
I'm answering another challenge,
this time the one about throwing the Joxer/Autolycus
and Joxer/Ares couples together into one story.

Poetry by Firelight
A female bard named Jhat recounts
her first encounter with Joxer the Mighty through poetry.

Voices From the Past
Joxer learns that Jhat is much more than a poet
when he gets involved with a search for a powerful sword.
Currently Unfinished!

The Second Firelight
Jhat's second poem.

Quantum Leap
(Penned as Trent Grey)

Love in Dark Brown
Sam wishing he could see love in a certain pair of eyes.

Welcome Home, Sammy
This is that little reunion scene I think everybody wanted to see.
I know I did!

The Searching Series
Unlocking the Cage
A young man will die before he can escape from home
and discover who he is if Sam doesnít stop his murder.
However, things get complicated since
Samís leaped into a girl with a criminal record.
Due to size, divided into parts.

The Real Ghostbusters

A Few Grey hairs
A snippet about growing old together.

In the Still of the Night
One late night for the guys.

Hot Chocolate
There are times when even Peter has to talk to somebody.

Swaying in the Summer Breeze
A little romance and a hammock.

Shadows Before Light
An encounter with a ghost of a different kind.
Work in Progress.
Also includes an awesome picture by Lethe Kelley.

Never Could Say No
In "Cold Cash and Hot Water", Peter looks sad.

The Darkness Returned
Egonís thoughts in the cab during "Cold Cash and Hot Water"

A New Discovery
An AU introspective peice.

A Matter of Roses
Dancing... need I say more?

A Sleepy Afternoon
A nap.

A Lazy Afternoon
The Sequel to A Sleepy Afternoon.

Silent Vow
A man, a cemetery, and a promise.

When called in to clean out a church,
the guys learn never to underestimate a repeater.
Broken into Parts due to length.

Yet another Work in Progress.
Note from T'Yanna:
I've found this one rivetting, I'll keep on her 'til she finishes it.
Defintitely worth a read, finished or not.

Beauty and the Beast

This is a series in progress. While they can be read alone, there will be a recommended reading order when complete.

Something to Look Forward To
Things finally come to light between Lumiere and Cogsworth.

Joie de Vivre
This follows "Something To Look Forward To".
Also note that this takes place after the movie,
and mentions the tussle between Lumiere and Cogsworth.

Final Fantasy VII

A Day in the Life
A nice little story involving... <g>
a rather interesting turn of events in Cid and Vincent's lives.

Law & Order

Do It Again
Mike wants to do it again...

A short fic for Python's birthday

Birthday Thoughts
Again for Python

Challenge Answers from Thursday100 LiveJournal.

Sufficient Conclusions
Sometimes dreams are what you make them
A round robin with jesse

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