1944 Warriors

Warriors Finish With Winning 7-3-1 Record
During 1944 World War II Season

Head coach Henry Kossow had a unique challenge for the 1944 football season --- finding enough players to field a team AND
finding enough opponents to develop a schedule of play. After all, this was a time of World War II. Most schools in the country
had a shortage of boys and had to play six-man football or none at all. In fact, before the season ended,
starting quarterback Ray Castro went into the Marines, and starting fullback Jackie Woods went into the Navy.
But coach Kossow would prove to be a scheduling master by working overtime to coordinate an eleven game schedule. The Warriors
played many of their opponents TWICE during the season. But more interesting, some of their games were six-man football
games and others were regulation eleven-man football games!

The 1944 Warriors finished with an impressive overall season record of 7 wins, 3 losses, and 1 tie. The Warrior offense
scored 211 points and the defense allowed 86 points.

During this era of football, team sportsmanship took on a new meaning. It had become a tradition for Tehachapi to provide
an "after the game" banquet and dance whenever they hosted Trona or Maricopa. These schools would do the same whenever
Tehachapi visited their campuses for football games.

As if the War wasn't enough agony for the community, the high school was still recovering from the horrible fire that consumed
the school's gymnasium and several classrooms on February 4, 1944. But as Principal Paul Giddings wrote in the
1945 Tomahawk Yearbook, "I wish to express my appreciation to the students, faculty, and personnel of the high school for their
cooperative attitude and their willingness to sacrifice present conveniances in an emergency situation such as we have had this past year.
When one is deprived of the customary things of life, as we all have been, due to the War and the added hardships of our fire, one is inclined to
lose interest and cease all constructive efforts. Contrary to the usual expectations, however, you have all, through greater effort
and forebearance, risen to greater heights, for which I personally thank you."

The 1944 Warriors included seniors Ray Castro, Roque Damian, Ernie Gonzales, Gene Myers, Sal Navarro, Jerome Warner, and Jackie Woods.
Underclassmen included juniors Tony Anthony, Frank Barrera, Alfred Damian, Leonard Gutierrez, David Navarro, and Hugh Vasquez;
sophomores John Barrera, Jerrell Clements, Melvin Frayer, Willie Gonzales, and Manuel Sanchez; freshmen Bill Dupont, Fred Castro,
George Koutroulis, Fred Muro, and Jesse Peters.

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Game-by-Game Results

Sep 30McFarland 39 00A  6 ManHugh Vasquez: 2 TD's
Oct 03Trona 32 18H  6 Man
Oct 07Barstow 00 00H 11 Man
Oct 11Maricopa 24 00A  6 ManJack Woods: 3 TD's
Oct 20Victorville 00 06 H11 Man
Oct 28Barstow 00 24A 11 Man
Nov 04Antelope Valley JV's (Lancaster)  14 00H11 Man
Nov 10Maricopa 38 07H  6 ManJack Woods: 2 TD's
Nov 17Trona 30 12A   6 ManTony Anthony: 2 TD's
Nov 23Victorville 09 19 A11 Man
Nov 28Antelope Valley JV's (Lancaster)  25 00A11 Man