1942 Warriors

The 1942 Warriors, rebounded from a winless 1941 season, by posting a winning 6-3 record. The wins included
three victories over the local alumni team. Tehachapi outscored their opponents by a 131 to 69 margin. To this point,
this was considered the school's best football team in history!

As written in the 1943 Tomahawk, "Too much cannot be said about the splendid teamwork displayed this year. A hard charging, stone wall
line in perfect coordination with a fast, deceptive, powerful backfield led the Warriors to many a victory over teams from much larger schools.
At the close of the season, the school awarded gold footballs to the first 12 men for their outstanding work this year. They were ends Bobby Lee Smith
and Ray Castro, tackles Gene Myers and Frank Hainline, guards Bob Nelson and Lyndon Williams, center Ralph Mendoza, quarterback Bill Woods,
fullback Wilbur Griffin, and halfbacks Darrell Stevens, Stuart Nelson, and Stanley Sharp."

A season highlight was a five (5) touchdown performance by Wilbur Griffin on November 20, 1942 versus Maricopa.
This established a single game record for most TD's in a single game. This record would stand for over sixty years!

Warrior defenders move in for a tackle at Imhoff Field in Tehachapi.

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Game-by-Game Results

Oct 25Alumni  12   00HRay Castro: 1 TD Pass Rec.
Oct 31Maricopa  12   00AStewart Nelson: 1 TD Pass Rec.
Nov 6Antelope Valley (Lancaster)  07  13ARay Castro: 1 TD Pass Rec.
Nov 8Alumni  13   00H
Nov 11Wasco  14   18A
Nov 18Antelope Valley (Lancaster)  14   06H
Nov 20Maricopa  46   00HWilbur Griffin: 5 TD's
Nov 23Alumni  13  00 H
Nov 25East High (Bakersfield)  00   32A

Quarterback Bill Woods #25 went on to play for UCLA for several years. Woods played the center position on offense
for the Bruins of Westwood. He later returned to the San Joaquin Valley and coached at East Bakersfield High School.