CIF Central Section Rescinds
Forfeit Ruling For Wasco

Posted by Zach Ewing, The Bakersfield Californian, on Oct. 15, 2009

It took more than a week, but Wasco snatched victory -- or at least no loss -- from the jaws of forced defeat.

The Central Section has changed its ruling on Wasco's canceled game with Fresno-McLane scheduled for last week, Wasco athletic director Raul Rangel said, saying that instead of a Wasco forfeit to McLane, the game will be declared a "no contest."

Rangel said section commissioner Jim Crichlow told him Thursday that given additional information and review, he decided that Wasco would not have to forfeit.

Crichlow could not be reached for comment.

The original decision came because McLane, without a field to host a Friday night game, asked Wasco to move it to Thursday. The Tigers refused, citing academic reasons, and when the two couldn't find another time or place to play, Crichlow said Wasco had violated the teams' contract.

"We forced his hand and demanded an answer," Rangel said. "And, in his words, 'after further review' he has decided that his decision was based on not having enough information.

"We don't want to rub it in his face, but we're not opposed to taking on a fight. And he has gracefully said, you know, hey, he didn't have all the information. We were right all along, and he agrees with that now."

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